1950's Retro Gas Station

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Things have a funny way of coming about sometimes. For no good reason I decided to make a gas pump, which became two - one regular, one premium.


Around that time Ms. Protocol landed the job in Frankfurt she'd been after ever since the Brits voted for Brexit, and so I started thinking about how I might package my trucks up for the move. That led to the idea of making a stackable box for each, from plywood, that might double as a display case.

Inbetween all that the UK Scale Nationals happened, and Mark complained that there were no photo opportunities at all that weekend. He wasn't wrong, really. Too many leaves on the ground. Anyway, I had an idea of a Photo Opportunity In A Box ? ? ™ Pat. Pend. and so on.

Got myself some popsicle sticks (2,000 of them)...


...and together with some of that plywood I made this:




The whole thing disassembles into constituent parts without a single nail or screw. Here's all of it in a pile:


And here's how the corner joins work - take the lower wall, and just slide it down into the corner of the wall at the left:


It will get a roof, doors and windows. And LOADS more detail, as time goes on. Those barn doors are big enough for a Skeleton J2 Jeep (and then some). The roof will come off in parts so that the inside can double as my scale garage.

Neat thing is I can take it apart in 60 seconds and throw it in the trunk when going to a meet!

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Flat pack building. Clever!

IKEA FTW ::2thumbs

Nice idea, might borrow this idea of joinery for my garage if I ever get to it. Genius really!!

Thank you ;)

Structure is done. Not happy with the roof support, but that's an easy fix - just not today. Photos outside would've been sweet but it's wet and I've yet to work out how I'm going to weatherproof the thing.

That support isn't glued in yet. It's straight, normally :smoke:


The Freedlander is in there for show. I won't drive trucks under there - too easy to crash into the pumps.





Can start on all the detail now. First up as mentioned is fixing the roof. Then garage doors and windows. And then we'll see...

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That is fantastic. I want to build something similar but mine would be condemned by the city.

Mine survives because I hide it :cool:

That is awesome dude, I really wanna do a scale garage, just dont have the amount of time to invest to do it properly

It actually doesn't take too much time. For sure it's really, REALLY drawn out over many weeks but there's progress, nonetheless.

That is such a great idea. ::2thumbs

Thanks. Had it at the monthly London meet a week ago, and people seemed to like it. I didn't even take a picture, I was so busy raking leaves off the day's courses :smoke:

Anyway, paintd up the first wall with a coat of weatherproof primer/undercoat.


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Got some more done. The mocha (don't laugh, it was free) on the front is the final colour. Will probably give it some green or brown trim, too.

Russian cigarette ad - was wondering how this might work as a Siberian outpost, in the interests of not surrendering to expectation. It's lexan-fronted styrene mounted with magnets, so can be swapped out to promote an event or vendor or something.


The boxes on the right there are what I originally bought the plywood for - all my trucks are in there, ready for the move to Germany.


The side door still under construction. They (doors and windows) are hard work. All the doors open and close, but the windows don't.


Still no idea what I'm going to do with the back door. Maybe something that slides/rolls to the side.


Going to use this as a scale garage, too. The idea is to remove part of the roof, and a wall or maybe two, making a photography studio. Would require lots more cleanup and detail on the inside.


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Just when I think I have seen the the best thing since spreadable butter...inspiring stuff FB

Thank you ;) Gets a bit much though. Couldn't face doing another window so I boarded the last one up and drew on some graffiti. He's my favourite of all time, forever. He can end Batman, Predator, Alien... And Judge Anderson hangs out with him!


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Walls are done, and painted.



My favourite wall so far, but I'm a bit of a 2000AD groupie. Drawing on wood with weather-proof primer and two coats of paint is not as easy as you'd think.



That wall is begging for a Max Headroom sign.




Roof is next, and I'm still working out what I want to do. A hinged system would be nice, and ideally split neatly in half so that constituent parts are no bigger than the walls, making packing into a box easier.

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Soo sweet and charming!

This takes me back to times I've never lived.

Ha ha it's going to get more detail, and the roof needs redoing. Anyway today I made a box to ship it to Germany in. Putting EVA foam in there to keep it from banging itself against itself.