1950's Retro Gas Station

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Oh my god, I LOVE this build! I wish I had the skills to do something like this!

Thanks ::2thumbs I should post up more photos of the gas station - I re-did the roof completely. On second thought I'll post photos once it's painted.

I've been busy with getting us moved to Germany. This includes (but isn't limited to) selling the flat in London; lining up a removals company; arranging schools, bank accounts, Internet, TV, and renting a house in Germany, getting a cat passport (kid you not), booking a spot for my BMW on the train through the Euro tunnel... So I haven't had much time. Too busy digging out gas inspection and energy efficiency certificates...

Anyway I was packing some stuff tonight and moving other stuff around, and uncovered the Unimog ramp thingy I started on a couple months ago. I'm sure you'll have seen it - looks like this, and MB take it to expo's all over the show:


Aiming for something similar, but adjustable. Started by cutting out some rails to hold the tracks:


Here are two of the longer ones.


And after the very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very long slog I ened up with this:


Next came the tabs with holes in them to connect tracks to each other.


Here are some glued to the tracks:


And the time came for me to draw a plan or risk confusing myself.


Here are all tracks lined up in correct order:


And piled up on my desk -


This is as far as I got. These brackets will allow me to connect the long piece and the end piece. The extra popsicle ply provides play in the hinge.


Here's the frame (one side only), and how the brackets will connect the adjustable bars for the long piece and the end piece:


That's how far I got with the thing. Not sure how much time I'll have until the move...

The numbers. I made (hand tools only, no power tools):

● 24 rails for the tracks
● 232 bars for the rails
● 584 individual rectangle cut-outs to fit the bars into the rails and connectors, making 12 discrete track sections
● 40 connectors between track sections
● 8 brackets

I tell myself it was worth it because it will allow me to test longitudinal weight distribution (CoE vs. traditional pickup, for example). Also planning a side-hill track to test the effects of CoG and lateral weight distributions.

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Got a bee in my bonnet after posting those pictures last night, so I stole some time to get it standing on its own. Crude, needs work, but it does seem to prove the concept.



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That's super awesomely cool! I've been wanting to make some portable obstacles like this but mine would never turn out so super awesomely super awesome!! ::2thumbs

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That's super awesomely cool! I've been wanting to make some portable obstacles like this but mine would never turn out so super awesomely super awesome!! ::2thumbs

Thank you. It's just grunt work really. Does look cool in the flesh though :cool:

You're a clever guy. Even if you Dremel your face from time to time.

Just good at copying ;) And let's not dwell too much on the Dremel thing :blackeye::blush::laughing:

Anyways. Finished off the trestles. Not the little ones at the ends - they still need outriggers or something. Other than that, and waiting for hardware (ran out of brass tube, and need M4 wing nuts) it's done. And even without the nuts to tighten up the structure it's super stable. Even more so with a truck on it.


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That's such a gorgeous piece of miniature engineering! ::2thumbs

Ha ha thanks. I don't have space for an outdoor track so we can envy each other's stuff, which cancels itself out so let's drink beer ::2thumbs

That's supa cool, would be glad to try it with my moggy ;)

Thank you :lol: If you're at SuperScale in May you can have a go (would actaully pay money for a photo of your Doka on the ramp - given that the idea came from Unimog's parcour obstacles) - it and the garage are going to be there.

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So. I think bar weatherproofing/varnish it's pretty much there. The last thing needing a fix were those trestles joing the long pieces of track to the short end tracks.


As you can see they needed a little more than just that brass tube. And so I made proper trestles out of them.


Being in a little flat in central London means I try to make everything easy to pack away and carry, so the trestles come apart. They're held together with little wire pegs, which make the whole structure plenty stable.


I've driven the Jeepster (the LSTR people are calling it Jepster because SWB) over it, but nothing since making the trestles more stable. I'll do that tomorrow night. And if I can remember where I packed either my phone tripod or GoPro, I'll get some video of a truck going over.

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Can I drive over it too?! ::pray

Anytime ::2thumbs Got some video, but need time to edit and upload.

Incredible! Excellent Engineering!

Thanks. Not difficult to make though. And I did it the hard way, cutting all those little cross-sections to size for the tracks.

Speaking of which, I've yet to set the whole thing back up. I actually have the space :cool: Been in Germany for almost two weeks now and, well, mind blown. We're 200 metres from the forest, so endless tiny truck trails...


Best of all though is I have the space to keep the gas station set up permanently. I have an entire room for RC, all to myself!!


It's a mess, and at this point I've just unpacked all the things and chucked stuff into corners. Still need to set it up the way I want. Here's the other side of the room -


So there will be lots more to come in this thread ::2thumbs I'm super keen to build out the inside of the garage to make it into a good backdrop for photos.


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It looks like you're well on the way to having a very cool toy room! I love seeing scale work spaces..::2thumbs
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It looks like you're well on the way to having a very cool toy room! I love seeing scale work spaces..::2thumbs

I have the space, and I have things to put into the space. I just need to get the arrangement right ;) Have a few inspiration pics in a Pintrest folder, which contain elements I like. Need to bring it all together...

And like you, I love seeing scale work spaces ::2thumbs


Man this is some nice wood working. Pretty sure I'm gonna be building myself a garage soon to for displaying some trucks. That ramp is sweet.


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That bicycle seems to be missing the part that make it bi.. :hmmm:

Yeah I went through a phase with that non-bi-cycle. It started when I was 18. Not sure when it's going to end ::suspect

Man this is some nice wood working. Pretty sure I'm gonna be building myself a garage soon to for displaying some trucks. That ramp is sweet.


Thanks Deric. Wood work isn't all that really. Much of the stuff I do that people seem to like is the amount of effort I give something. Which is easy to put in when you're enjoying it...

Looked at Carl's Dad's pictures, and that motivated me to get mine done. I pained it just before I moved here 6 months ago, but never posted photos of that, so here it is, painted:



Spent a couple hours on that porch roof this afternoon, because I never did fix the supports in. Also primed the porch roof and supports. Didn't bring the paint over from London so I need to order new paint and repaint all of it. Here's the new scheme:


● Light gray for the walls
● Beige gray for the edges/highlights
● Iron gray for the roof

Which is much more in keeping with the inspiration diorama I based the design of my gas station on (Red Oak Station that Chuck Doan did in 2005).

More when the new paint arrives.

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Such a cool project. It looks really great all painted up.

Thanks Jeff. The paint arrived today so I started painting. Unfortunately while being paint for wood it's not the same water-soluble stuff I used last time, so drying is taking ages, and cleaning requires a chemistry set.

Anyway color looks like the old one, unless you have old and new next to each other. The new color's way better!! Also expecting the beige to look a lot better than the olive drab.


Very nice... I'll be watching.

Thanks. Want to get this done now ::2thumbs