1983 Land Rover Series III Camel Trophy

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Really coming together nicely mate :biggthumpup:
I love all the attention to detail in this build, it's awesome! ::2thumbs

Thanks man, getting there sloooowly ::2thumbs

However. I swear by all that is unholy including beelzebub, peanut butter and Google if I never see another transfer decal it will be too soon.


In other news the front only needs lights now ;)


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Superb work on the hinges/details. Not that you've ever let us down in that category. HA!

:hmmm: Thank you ::2thumbs

Been working my way through some of those details. Light clusters -


Cleaned up the paint (drip rails were still white). Added wipers, although I have to redo the black part - they're straight, without the kink I gave them.


The front is all done. Lights, brush gaurds, Camel Trophy sign, winch...


Eventually, after searching for weeks I found a 7mm high letter sticker set that was in a font vaguely like the Land Rover font!


And the... rear. The door needs a shovel. I ordered and recevied two. One's too small, the other too large. Of course nobody provides the dimensions of their shovels...! Anyway the other thing missing here is the right indicator. I have no idea what I did with it, but more are on the way from Loops (link in case other Defender builders need stuffs from Loops, who are most excellent vendors, I have met them and can verify they're prime examples of very nice humans).


That's it for now. Getting very close to the end. Still need to:

- Add those two spotlights to the roof rack.
- Wire the lights
- Install ESC, light controller, RX
- Add door handles to the front doors.
- Add shovel to rear door
- Touch up paint on the roof rack
- Make a bracket to hold the second spare on the roof rack.
- Make two jerrycan holders for the roof rack
- License plate for the rear (I'm going with period-correct plates from Kinshasa, Zaire)
- Add in that missing indicator
- Add rear view mirros
- Fix wipers


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I need to make one of these one day.


They're... different. As I keep saying I'm no Land Rover nut, but when you build a thing you tend to start liking the thing. I'd love to see your interpretation - I know it'll be phenomenal!

I see you landed yourself some rivets :cool:

Anyways now that the Unimog/bridging platform thing is on hold I can finish this one off. The missing electronics all trickeled in this week so I have no more excuses.


Not sure what I did with the roofrack spotlights ::suspect


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Lights are done. Apart from the ones that aren't. The roof lights still need a JST plug so I can take the roof off without breaking anything. They're already wired though.



You'll notice the shovel on the back door, rear view mirrors are done, roof is done, jerrycans glued down. Oh and the license plates're on, too.

Almost ready for a photoshoot ::2thumbs Apart from the odds and ends listed I need to make some sort of cover for the birds' nest of wires in the back there. This body is HEAVY.

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Fantastic work. Really great details.

Thank you ::2thumbs

congratulations bro! a great job!

can you show us the frame under the body?

Err no not really. It's a right b*tch to disassemble and reasemble :smoke: Have to do it sometime though, because the pinion is too far from the spur so the truck is LOUD! That said, I can tell you that it's sitting on a shortened but otherwise stock MST CFX. The idea is to convert the stock coils to leafs using Inter86's MST CFX/CMX Leaf Spring Adapterkit.

Of course if the mood takes me I can build out the framerails I made when I started this thread. But I won't for the same reason it's on an MST CFX -- this truck will run only once or twice a year. I'd rather put the effort into something that sees a little more use.

Looking so good!

When's the Camel Trophy?

Thank you ;) The Camel Trophy runs from June 11th to 13th. Next to the nuclear power plant on the D56, 57570 Cattenom, France. If you make it to the event I will buy you all of the beer.

The event schedule that was scheduled for the event is as thus:

Friday June 11th / Friday June 11th
14:00 Gates open/welcome
17:00 Camel Trophy registration
21.00 Night drive

Saturday June 12th
8:30 Gates open, Camel Trophy registration
9:00 Camel Trophy parade
9:30 Camel Trophy begins!
19:00 Scale gallery/show'n'shine
21.00 Night drive

Sunday June 13th
9:00 Gates open
10:00 Vintage Buggy Race
11:00 Draw / Raffle
17.00 Gates Close

Also -
- Real 1:1 4X4 experience
- Food truck
- Market/vendor area
- Mini crawler 1/24 course (with Team Monster 57)

Finally, took some photos this afternoon. And I do wish to apologise to Africa (yes, all of it) in general, and the Ndebele specifically. I plagiarised their art but got it rather horribly wrong so now it looks like it doesn't know what it wants to be. Sigh. Ndebele house painting is awesome.

At least the UHF antenna is accurate ::awwcrap




Final note - I started this build after returning from the 2020 JS Scale Experience, 10 months ago. I set out to build a Camel Trophy truck for 2021 and I pulled it off with a month to spare.

If it snows this is why ;)


It's me again.
It turned out amazing.
I love just looking at all the details and the lines.
Tires and wheels really bring it home also.

I like the little building to. Makes for a wonderful back drop, only thing missing are the African animals.

Great build my friend. Should be an absolute pleasure to see and drive on the trails.


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Great job.

nice photos.

please take a lot of photos at the Camel trophy event.
I would like to be there with you...

next time I hope..


Scaled, but not fishy.
A truly awesome scratch build mate, you deserve to be proud of it. ::2thumbs :cool:
Yes, also a nicely accurate UHF telly antenna.....;):lol:


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do you have a link for your red lights?
what do you have like rims? they look like glued aluminum rims.


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So cool! Really does look the part. Love the hut too.

Ok, I'm planning a road trip now but sadly it won't be this year because of work. Will keep an eye out for your landie on the vids when they're out though...