2014 Beach Trip


build. break. repeat.
This was the first real outing with my TF2. I've been working on it since December. I'll post up a build thread soon.

I love this little yota. Loads of fun to drive, build, break and mod.

Once the final details are done on the outside, I'll start the interior.

Spent some one on one time with Bodhi (one of my 3yr old twins) with the yota on the beach. He loved it.


Putting it in "H"
Great shots!

I must say that sand looks a treat to play in. All the sand we've got at the beach here is full of needles. Not really, but I wouldn't want to play in it.


build. break. repeat.
Lol. No needles, and the sand is very soft near the dunes, and hard by the water which over the day when the tides are going in and out, creates some fun terrain to play in.

I'm so stoked on this little rig, it's become my favorite. I've gotta put up a build thread soon... I wanted to make sure it was worthy if this forum before I started one. Thanks for the reply boss. You're an inspiration.