3D printed Tires

So on my 3D printed cross kart-like vehicle known as 3D kart I wanted to print some wheels and TPU tires but I have a problem with it, the last time I tried to make some tires from TPU they had no grip so I was wondering if any of you had any tips or tread patterns that might help with grip.


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I've heard some have had ok luck with Ninjaflex?

Mostly it seems like these projects end up with either:
- 1. print tire, make silicone female mold around printed tire, cast silicone tire, install tire on printed rims.
- 2. Redesign to use donor tires/wheels from something
- 3. Paint with 'liquid latex' for a grippy layer

On-road, Off-road? What size range for tires do you think?
Its been a while since this post and I used wheels and tires from a scx24 deadbolt. If you wanna see the build just go to the 3D printed cross kart thread part 1 its in the on road section, I thought it would be on road but as the build progressed it turned into and offroad build.