55 chev napco converted truck


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Now unto the next mod. The narrowest bed for a truck ever. :laughing:

I wasn't happy with the way the bed was designed and changed enough almost to start over. I wanted a little more length from the cab to fender to make the proportion a little better. I also wanted a full depth bed. I also removed the over sized stake pockets and filled the holes.


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this is coming along sickkkk, can't wait to see more, can't wait to be on this kind of building level!

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Some parts showed up in the mail today, so time to get the steering figured out. First up was making a mount to hold the servo. There is just enough height between the frame and floor to fit the servo.

The front bellcrank is actually for the tamiya european trucks, and looks like its beefy enough to do the job.

Servo in the mount and you can see how tight to the GCM LRT case it is. At the other side its tight in the curve where the frame kicks back up.


Here you can see how tight to the floor it is. I think in the back the floor will get a slight kick up to so that the servo horn will go up. I am also using the first hole in the horn, with a quick mockup it looks like i can max out the steering with only 3/4 of the servo throw.

Here's a shot with the body on. You can see the servo horn just a bit. I think once moved to the up position and everything painted black. It will all sorta fade away


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Got all the links mocked up for steering and the servo in place, so thought it would be the time to take some pics of everything together.

Side on shot and nothing is hanging down now. Once everything is blacked out, it wont be visable at all.

And printed up a tailgate to see how it fits. It was meant as prototype, but fits perfect and looks so clean it might stay.


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With all the vaccum forming happening lately, i thought i would try my hand at it sorta.
I just used a micro torch and heated up a large surface of the styrene and pushed it down over the R4 trans. It formed ok, but i should have used gloves. It was a tad hot, lol. Then i started heating small areas and shrinking or pulling as needed to get the shape. Whenever a wrinkle showed up i just heated up the sytrene again and let it relax and cool.
This is the shape i ended up with.

Once in the the truck i had a large clearance on top so i reheated the top and pushed it down to be more flat. Once i fill the wrinkles in it should look pretty decent for something that will be covered with a seat mostly.


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The customer that owns this truck was in today, and we got allot of details hammered out. So lots of new things for me to produce and new ideas to work out.
First was seats, the style of the truck has changed slightly towards a little more resto mod. So Axial Corbeau seats in black are going in, instead of bench seats. They also fit the cab design a little better.

The next is just the start of what is going to be a fair bit of metal work. A pair of stainless straws are the perfect size for dual exhaust pipes. Coming up are sliders, bumpers, cage work and full exhaust system.


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Man , Craig’s work makes me very happy , I go visit or chat once and go through ideas, I also say it’s your build , if you think my ideas won’t work , it’s your call, after all I’m just the owner and driver but I want to represent Craig’s work and show it off


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Been watching and admiring. Always loved the old Napco optioned Chevy and GMC pickups. This is so cool, that stance is awesome, the use of that bellcrank and servo plate is genius. Love where this is going!! Lucky customer!!


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Its been way to long since i updated this truck. Its seems like i always find more little details that i want to try and build for this truck.
This time with all the people trying metal stamping, i wanted to see how far i can push it. So i drew up a male and female mold to stamp the aluminum.

I ended up printing a couple version before i got one that didn't tear the metal as it stamped the final details

First decent test stamp and some lite pressing with a blunt object to raise the details.

This is the fourth or fifth stamp so far and its came out really decent. I think it might be the one that goes in the truck.


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I finally got some time to work on this truck again.
I started with some metal work. The rear bumper is a RC4WD Marlin bumper, but i knocked the hitch mount off and welded it back on between the bar

The front bumper is a RC4WD Marlin bumper as well. Except i cut the mount bar off and welded it back on at the main bar. As well as moving up the winch mount.

I also got a roll bar built from 3//16 steel rod. I also got the first coat of gloss colour on. Final colour will be actually green, but hoping to darken up a light green metalic i have.


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Not too much progress since the last post. Except for cutting up the box again. The rear bumper posts were short by one hole. There was also quite a bit of overhang, so ended up cutting off some box length.