57 Thunderbird, The Gentlemen's Hotrod


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This is a new build that i have started for another online competition. I started with a AMT 57 thunderbird kit that was a 2 in 1 with a bunch of custom extras.
This first pick is a mock up of all the kit parts i want to use and a rough ride height.

I decided that i didn't like the rear wheel openings, so i modified the openings to look more like the chevy's of this year.

I also wanted to use the fast back roof included in the kit. I wanted to have a interior under that roof section. So i used the back half of corvette interior to extend the stock interior.

I also finalized the tire placement and got the frame tweaked to accept the larger interior and sit together correctly


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Here's a customized T-Bird (early 60's model) that appears to have a Ford Starliner roof on it.


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Pretty unique setup on a Baby-bird, don't think i've seen anybody do something similar. Are you going more for like a Street car, Race prepped, or like a factory Homologation for a race series in alternate reality?

Gtz, that's a really wild Bullet bird. I was with it until the grille,