70 Cuda - Bad Tuna


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Well I've been planning this for a while and RCguy just hooked me up with the kit.
This is similar to my plans for the Pro Street Camaro but will be kept pretty lean.
Should look like a pretty nice muscle car and will be all Mamba and Lipo.
The base for the build is the F103 GT.

The kit comes with a pretty cool pre-painted body. I'll use this one for the initial runs and tests, just in case it sees the curb! :paranoid:

I'll post some pics of the build as soon as I can get to it.


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Well the only good thing from the cold and flu aside from the meds is a solid morning of sitting back and messing with a kit...
Thought I'd post the images of the stock build befor the body and mods start.
I've left the stock motor in because Pat (Hooked) is borrowing the Mamba setup to try in the slash. This will give me time to set this thing up and get the new body on.

Anyways, some pics












Now the cool stuff's on the way, stay tuned!


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Ok now for the good stuff.
The HPI AAR Cuda body came today, ordered it because I wanted it 200mm in the front and 210mm in the rear. This way I can keep the back dropped down and the wheel s are tucked up into the fender wells and it should look tubbed.

I'm digging the look of the body on there. I'm probably going to keep 0 offset wheels on the front to give me good clearance at this ride height.


I was planning on using HPI's new 9mm offset wheels on the back but there's still too much room. Probably going to a set of 2.2's with sticky low profile slicks or street tires on the back. I'll have to hit the hobby shop and see what fits on, I tested a set of Pede wheels and the they're very close to being the right size.


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Under $200 Clark

Pat, you can grab the motor & ESC tomorrow if you want to give it a try?


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Well my Stampede wheel idea worked, if I use the fronts it's the perfect offset.
Now I'm not sure if this thing will hook up with so little tread underneith it! LMAO
The tires I grabbed hang over the edge of the wheel a bit and will rub so I'm still searchin for the right tire. I think a lo profile slick will work and look right.
I'll also dye these two wheels black so they don't stand out as much.
The front will get raised a bit so the bottom of the rocker panels sit paralel to the ground (can't stand the jacked up look)


Paint's in the shop just waiting for the last paint job to set up to start on this one, more later!


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Got the wheels dyed and I'm feeling better about the huge rims, the black on black makes the tire and wheel blend a bit. I am however kind mad about the color match on the Tamiya Light Lime to the actual body color.
It looks mint green and not lime...not good! Guess we'll be spraying another one later if this little experiment works.

A few shots with the fresh paint.


F350 Tonka

Saweeeeeeeeeeeet nice choice in colours buddy.You gonna make it into a funny car,or Pinks all out Drag Racer:evilgiggle:That would be wicked,wheelie bars a must then.
What did you put in it for a power plant?
I'm likin the Pinks All Out Theme:biggthumpup:I might have to get into that:biggthumpup:


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Well like I said earlier, I'm pissed about the color. Can't stand when you think you're getting something different and this happens...good thing body and paint is only $40 in materials. You can buy the whole car before it gets used Clark, PM me if interested.
Body will be up in the 4 sale section this evening or I'll make you a package deal on the whole car?

A few pics with the decals on,


Again the Motor and ESC combo will be a Mamba Max and 5700 motor, should be airbourne before it gets to speed...time will tell.

Pat the idea was to see how fast it will go straight line wise, but they do handle corners great without the rediculous tires in the back.
Monday I'll be ordering a new body so I can run normal wide touring car wheels all around and we can realy get out and play.

F350 Tonka

You're gonna have to make me some Wheelie Bars then:evilgiggle:
Can you make sure they have the spring back up....Saweeet
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Cool car I guess didn't even get to run it before Clark snatched it up!
Good thing you got it before I drove it buddy, LOL

F350 Tonka

Awsome I'm as giddy as the only school boy in a all Girl school Changingroom
Gonna make it as Pinks All Out Drag Racer.I wanna do tubbed fenders,rollcage all the cool stuff.


Any guesses whether or not I'll need wheelie bars on this? :biggthumpup:

It depends on the traction of those mighty wicked tires. The foamies on the Camaro just spin, no wheelies. :evilgiggle:

I hope you make another!!!