Affordable Vacuum Form Setup - Kingston Vacuum Works


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Thought I'd share this early as it's come up in one of my other threads.
Ordered this unit last week in hopes to make scratch building a bit easier this year.
I'll comment on the performance and my experience once I get it here and play with it.

I ordered the The Kingston Mono Vacuum forming tableand not the larger one because we have a condo size oven. Info Here

A few demo videos for the visual types

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it is to bad that they show the easy stuff to form. even the 2nd try the guy still got webbing on 2 corners.
just to add a few tips.
1: do not use your oven in your house,the smell/fumes from the warming polystyrene or poly-carbonate is awful and may be toxic? your mom or wife will kill you for stinking up the house and oven.

2: you might want to have the windows open for the smell, but you do not want to prematurely cool the plastic when forming.
your best results will be from having a heater sitting above the forming table.

3: vacuum is a huge key here as well. you need some serious sucking power so be sure to have the filter clean on your vacuum.
ill be watching this thread to see what results people are getting. i might have a few more tips to add cause i have been through a few tests and custom forming tables.

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Ya man, everytime i see vids of people vacuum forming, they put the plastic in their kitchen oven. That smell stays in there for a while for sure. Usually the next food you cook will indeed taste like plastic smell. Ha. I've warmed styrene in there before and it works good to heat it but the gross toxic stink in your food kinda ruins the fun.

I'd recommend an alternate heating idea as well.


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That's pretty good pricing. Almost not worth making yourself for that kind of money!


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How convenient!devil I've actually had an item in mind that I've wanted/needed to form. Let's talk shop when it comes in, Kev.


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hmmmm im thinking ill bring my former to mattc 's house for race night, might have to try a few things.