Axial Jeep Buildoff 1st Place - 1982 Jeep CJ8 Scrambler


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How on earth can I overlook this thread?? ::awwcrap

Wow Halme, some great work! Your friend did some great work. Oh, and the Jeep looks just perfect already.


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That looks flippen amazing! I feel like you'll definitely be in the top three for this build off. (Although I seem to be saying that to everyone, they're all soo good haha). So good for a first scratch build too. Your first build is going better than my third and fourth builds are!

Do you have any ideas on a driver figure for this rig? and a paint colour?

Thanks mate! For me it's good if I'm in top 19 ;) No ideas yet on the driver, maybe I'll chop another Barbie but yeah it should definetly have a figure. About colour.. factory stock!

Wow, what an impressive build, can't wait to see how it turns out. Looks great!

Big thanks Crawler Addict, me neither but there's lots of stuff to do and the time is running!

Really looking like the real deal, Great eye my friend.
Your Nailing it. Layers are good.

These trucks are the best! Thanks my friend and yes layers rule and make a perfect combo with putty!

This is a truck to be proud of. Nice work. Everything looks great so far

Thank you n00b! Happy to hear that it pleases your eye too. Actually I'm a bit proud and trying not to let it go in to my hat.

Brilliant stuff sir. Really looking good.

Thanks thatguy, I'll try my best to push it through and keep it looking like a Classic Jeep!

How on earth can I overlook this thread?? ::awwcrap

Wow Halme, some great work! Your friend did some great work. Oh, and the Jeep looks just perfect already.

Big thanks BJ40films! Yeah he did and I'm very happy that he helped me out. With TIG you can do wonderful, precise work or annihilate your build totally in seconds. :lol: Need more practice still and did not want to blew this up.

Looking fantastic!

Thanks! Your builds have also been a huge inspiration for my hobby, so thanks to you!

really looking great. keep at it dec 1st is coming quick.

Happy to hear that, thanks!! I need to rush I know. With my schedules that means I have only several hours to put this anymore actually..!

Thanks once more and a big up also for everybody watching and hope you've all liked my first try on scratch building!

Do you Jeep? You should!


Evolution is the key! Somehow it seems that I need to do everything not three but four times to hit the wall where the target sits. I've got some other small stuff done too, sanding etcetera to get this body in primer during the weekend. The body itself doesn't yet count since they stated in rules that it should be functional..
That actually makes sense when building scale models of automobiles.:laughing:

Sorry for this bit rude piece but hey - simple things..


I have also done a first version of a skid plate and a servo mount but they still need some attention. Imagine two hand sawed pieces of 5mm aluminium with few holes and you got it. But the chassis is basically in rolling condition anyhow and the body seems to fit on the ride height I planned.

One missing piece from the body was the tailgate what is a interesting piece for unexperienced builder like me to do. After some head scratching I started to carve it from the PVC-panel with knife..


By opening the bottom of this I can sand it to the angle needed. Then I glued a 1mm outer frame and filled it with Squadron Green and kept sanding..
What is really the best is that I'm about to put a spare wheel over this when I'm done! :laughing:

Grille is having some attention too, it's very important piece in any build. I'm still waiting for a (hopefully) fitting lenses to come for test and If no luck then I'll just push them from thin clear plastic. I got the rings from
this breathing apparatus (broken already) and lenses for signal lights from this radio controller masterpiece monster. Reflector with (xenon) bulb are from UR flashlights. Recycling for the win!


Thanks for now and will keep you updated! How is your Jeep? ::2thumbs


It's me again.
More greatness. Just Fantastic. Great job on the face and Tailgate. Your solution to the transmission is cool.
Your JEEPING it no doubt.


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Looks great! Love the grill and tailgate. And the transmission mount. basically just x2 for what he said ^ hahaha


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Thank you Neruda, 2Beers and Blazer and hey everybody else too! ::2thumbs

This glorious build off is raging on as the deadline gets closer.. So many great builds and lots of great stuff my friends! While admiring everybody elses work and while bracing myself and my family for the winter I've been trying to get something done at this side of the blue ball too.

I encountered a problem (what was very easy to be foreseen) with my spring chassis after I packed all the electronics and put the body on. The springs went completely flat under the weight and it was obvious that it needed more support. I cut more packaging band and gave it some twist. Then I cut small clamps from 0.8mm galvanized steel, spot welded them to the lowest leaf of three and closed the clamp. Like this,


Feels much stiffer and should now hold the total weight!

Besides whacking with hammer it's been mostly sanding and filling those little holes around.. I gave a little primer for my hood and as usual it revealed some very nasty stuff. Here you can see clearly the structure of these PVC-panels.. It's foamy stuff! Using a super glue as a filler here for these gaps that laugh at me.


Fresh air intake. Another scratchy, eyeballed and sore throated rude piece,


Dashboard with same kind of recipe.. It's a 3mm PVC background with stryrene pieces and RC-shock part plus some shimms. Steering wheel is from the place unknown but seems to fit well in some other Axial Jeep Build Off builds too! ::2thumbs Dont worry I'll sand out the glue stains but have to let it dry first!


This for now, I have body on the paint already but as a evil person I wont reveal it yet! Have a nice day! :lol:

Oh.. how many (nice) days?


It's me again.
can't wait to see paint....EXCITING. Sitting at edge of chair.
Nice job on the solution for the leafs...clean, tidy and of all "scale".
Dash turned out sexy too. Fantastic job Halme.


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Hey thanks! ::2thumbs Very much appreciated, you keep me going with my build!

Im still running towards the goal and try to make it in time.. Not getting all the details I wanted in this build until deadline but I hope that it can be recognized as a real Jeep. Still working with it, especially with said little devils and the hard top is waiting to get final sand and some paint. Otherwise it's (aaalmost) ready to run!

About paint... was I supposed to deliver?

I really like those late 70's and beginning of the 80's colour themes with all the browns, oranges and yellows. Best and most beautiful modern-era vehicles were done in that time! I wanted to paint my CJ to something similar and tried to match to AMC color 2J, Jamaican Beige what came available in 1982. Well.. close enough I hope! Sprayed from cans, but carefully and well shaked! This should look much better when darker brown rooftop is soon giving it some contrast.


Hood-grille-fender section play together nicely atleast for my personal standards.


I should be detailing already but wanted to share this with you! Will be back with final product this coming weekend.

Cheers and keep your double thumbs up! ::2thumbs

- Heikki


It's me again.
You my friend.. Nailed this to a "T"..
Outstanding Fabulous work. That stance is even perfect. So looking forward to more of your work if you can produce such a thing of beauty the first time scratch building.
Awesome Halme... More please.