Axial Jeep Buildoff 1st Place - 1982 Jeep CJ8 Scrambler


Maybe take up knitting.
Great color choice! Looks really good on the Jeep. I love the contrast with the bright headlight rings also. Very old time perfect.


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Happy to see such a positive reception! My most humble thank you to everybody!

that is looking so awesome. looks great with some color on.

Thanks! Yeah paint does definetly some magic in this hobby..! ;)

That looks phenomenal!

Something like a..! Thank you very much!

It's soo beautiful! Amazing work!

Thanks, it's been a blast!

You my friend.. Nailed this to a "T"..
Outstanding Fabulous work. That stance is even perfect. So looking forward to more of your work if you can produce such a thing of beauty the first time scratch building.
Awesome Halme... More please.

Thanks 2Beers for cheering me up during the process and your awesome builds are one of my inspiration too!
Im just being slow.. you did the same body in what 2 hours or something? :laugh: Already planning future projects but I need to complete other stuff at home or otherwise my wife puts me back to road!

Great! Coming together nicely. Phantastic job so far. Regards Jens

Thanks Kellerkind, trying my best here!

Yeah, Halme! Looks amazing sir. You're almost there!

Thank you Guy! As said, it's been a great contest with full of fun! I do need a deadline otherwise I get nothing done.

Great color choice! Looks really good on the Jeep. I love the contrast with the bright headlight rings also. Very old time perfect.

Highly appreciated, thanks! I like this colour too and was very lucky to find perfect rings. Thanks to mass production, there is lots of potential pieces just lying around us now! One mans garbage..

This is turning out amazing! Well done mate!

Thanks Shannwah! Your build is ready though but mine is not yet..!

Looking awesome! great work!

Big up! Happy to hear you like it!

Handsomely done! Beautiful Jeep. I really like it.

I like it too though it's a bit shelf queen.. I think I need to take tube of glue with me to every ride! Nice to hear you like it, thanks very much!!

The color is so nice

Thanks, I like it too! :biggthumpup:

Fast update before the weekend.. I brazed some kind of a rollbar because it is such essential part of the Scrambler. This is 8mm tube and I used this excellent silver rod with flux in it. Colour was red and white, can't tell you more about it. I know that it's not exact replica of a original one but will do for now.. I have not been doing this kind of stuff since school so my apologies metal heads - it's not perfect but still in good measurements. Here it is uncleaned and still a bit warm,


Last days.. So no hurry.. Will fix the gap in the roof piece, too! ::2thumbs

Greetings, Halme


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Thanks Wrencher, quillote68 & keremozenTR!

Yes I had to hurry up a bit but it's finished now! This was fun and very thrilling thing to do. Thanks for the support everybody here and big thanks for Scale Builders Guild, Axial, Jeep, GCM, Vanquish Productions, Knight Customs and CKRC for this great build off party! Special greetings go to my people at our local forum,

Miniature vehicle is nothing without details and there was lots of this to do here even when the car itself is pretty simple machine. Rear lights were pretty simple thing and they are made of broken real one and Forex. Blinkers were also smashed from my late trailer.


Bumpers are counted also in a list of buckets. And a fuel filler. For bumpers I used this harder plastic what is meant for protecting the corners in buildings. I know, I know.. I should have made them from metal. Little faux chassis pieces are holding up the rear one and front piece mounts between the rails.


After some intensive metal bending lessons I decided to step back and use a stock skid plate for transfer case and body mounting. I carved it a bit to make cheapy trans to fit lower and drilled new holes. This PVC panel just rocks - I drilled a 2.5mm hole through the stacks and simply screwed the chassis to body with long M3 screws. I'm also critically running out of them!


Here is a essential underside view for you. Maybe a little bit front heavy.. Just a little.


And steering parts. Pretty simple stuff once again but works and doesn't hit the springs. Spring setup is now very stiff thanks to extra leafs. Servo seems to be Sav?x 1210SG and is now painted black since there was really no room for ziptie radiator.

Thanks for the tip SBG! :biggthumpup:


Then I rolled it over and it was ready for play!

This seems to be so much out of context here in dark side of the planet. I wanted a desert for photo shoot but was not able to find one.


I want to replace the stickers to vinyl ones later. These are simply ink jetted to sticker paper so I'm not getting wet yet. Some important details missing, fancy little mistakes here and there but.. It's ready now!





But it's true! I do love Pac Man!



It runs, too! This is just for demanded proof and I hope that I'll be shootings lots of fine videos with this Jeep when the winter is over.

I really hope that you like it!

Greetings, Halme


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This thing is soo sick! I love it. Easily in my top 3 favourite entrances to the comp. If I was a judge, I'd vote for this or Dready's Acres thing to win.