B3E Designs front motor mount kits (3D-printed)

B3E designs is now offering a 3d-printed (ABS) front motor mount plate for sale. This allows you to relocate your entire transmission to the front of the vehicle, with minor modifications. The benefits? Front weight bias, space for an interior, and additional scale points if competing with SORRCA ruleset!

What makes this different than what's already out there? While there are a few choices out there for front motor mounting, many locate forwards in the engine compartment, making safe wire and battery placement harder. In addition, this setup aims to be very affordable, while still retaining durability and quality.

This mount was pushed to its limits in C1,2,3 and KOTF at the Ontario RC4WD event last week, and beefed up in all the right places as a result!
Due to the nature of the material we do not recommend using this setup with extremely high powered motors such as a ROC412 or similar - stress fractures may occur.

Installation is fairly simple; just remove the front shock towers and brace, slide the mount between the rails, and replace the shock towers in a inside-out orientation. You will need one machine screw and nut for the shock tower hole that does not screw into the mount.

NOTE: You will need a transfer case of some sort with this setup. GCM is recommended, but there are many choices out there!

Price: $20 USD (add $10 for CMS plate) plus 5$ shipping worldwide. Quantity discounts available.

Questions, comments, or feedback? Post up in the thread linked below.


Pictures below.

Mount plate:

Installed on chassis with GCM dual CMS (shock towers should be flipped, are not in this pic):

Cms mount:


Mocked up:

CMS clearance: