'Baby Blue' -GCM builds a 56 F100 4x4


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well, this project has been on the bench for faaaaar too long, so here it goes!
I'm going to try to make this thing:


but I don't want another red truck, so I'm going after this sort of color:


I'm looking for more of a laid back sort of look though... something with some white on it....

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Powder blue with cream or white would look real nice.


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So far, it's starting as a 4TEN with all the stock ride height etc and some simple Axial Axles. And 4x4 of course. I'm going to use some aluminum Merc wheels on it, with the Rock Creeper tires. they fit in so nicely. I've also added some nicely trimmed up wheel flares to keep the mud down to a dull roar and make some solid definition to the wheel wells.

The look is going to turn out like this:



That's going to look sick.that body style looked good.


Great looking truck love the old ford body's even better that it's a 4x4


should be cool when done, Its crazy how many bodies those flares fit!


Body is awsome, not sure about the flares though....

Need more and better pictures, preferrably painted truck :)


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well. I got some body work done last night. It's true that the fenders are a non-stock item, but for the 4x4 stance I think it will come back to look right. The body is narrow as it stands now, and I don't want any tire sticking out.

Sitting on the frame you get this. That's the 4TEN frame with stock ride height hangers and the body might sit up just a little bit higher but not much.



Here's the MAD driver. This is the best looking thing I have seen in a long while. The head is a tiny bit cartoony (like Rick says) and the truck will be also. Thanks to JKRC for making these really great heads for us all! Yay!


The hat matches the paint really well, and that's the idea. This is a tall 4x4 farm truck, likely made from an old bronco and the wayward son stuck the old 56 on top of it and shot some paint on it. That's the sort of thing we are doing here.
I cut out the bed just before paint (and had to do all my own masking for the windows.... can't find the masks) and after hand painting all the white trim (I suck at hand painting) then the color shot went on. I like it. It's going to get the full depth bed from styrene and an oak floor like any self respecting old truck has. Haha!



This is looking great cant wait to see the chassis go under her!


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Yeah, thats a cool looking body. Love the 50's trucks. I'd say i'm not digging the flares either but i see you already drilled the holes. :paranoid:

Anyhow, i'm sure its gonna turn out cool. Like the colour for sure.


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I usually do a very serious trans trimming. This one is no exception.


This is with the stock ride height spring hangers and the top mounting holes for the trans plate. I'm using the Hotracing Losi Mini Rock Crawler shocks with 60wt AE shock oil in there. Perfect shocks for a 4TEN, with stock or lifted spring hangers. Really nice little shocks!
I have a 2 picture set for you here. The first one is sitting pretty, the second one is full compression. You can see there's still a good pile of room for the trans and diff etc and no clearance issues at all. I had originally placed the front spring eye in the rearward position, but after installing the body, it was clear I had to move it up a bit, so a simple hanger flip right to left fixes that! Cool!



I finally found the sticker sheet for this, and got some of the little details done on the body. I like these old fords! I have a couple of ideas for the wheel wells. Not completely sure on the fender extensions, and have some other things up my sleeve, but in any case, there can be no tire sticking out of this one.


I think I'm going to use the stamped steelie wheels on this. I got some 1.55 and some BFGs to go on it.. that was a pretty scale and pretty stock thing to use on these, so that's won me over so far. It will look stockish with those. I only had the 1.9 versions here, and tried them on for the look, but they are too big and the 1.9 tires are also too big for me. Down size it is!



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Kev beat me to it, love the color for sure!! dam it looks awesome!! i had a 68 vw bug that color.
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So it's official.. I got some 1.55 steelies coming in with some BFGs, and added to that one of those lexan truck interiors to get in there. I still think I might use most of that interior but cut out the floor for more depth... I'll see. There's tons of room under the thing, so ..... not sure.
Got to pick up some .06 styrene and get at the box insides. Also got some news on the axle trimming... had a brain wave I'll show you in another few hours......:biggthumpup:


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Here's today's work. Great day in the shop today, people!

Here's my shock setup. These tamiya springs might just be canned and replaced with some lighter units. I think it would have to be about 10 pounds to flex on it's own properly. Maybe with the whole truck done it will be Ok, but seems stiff to me. The red springs are so much softer. I'm using my favorite HotRacing MRC shocks with the outter stuff missing... a perfect shock for these 4TEN builds.. and even started using them on the CrossCanyon trucks!


I got the rear end put together after some of the usual tab trimming.... but with a twist! I left on the one tab because it wasn't in the way, and didn't know why I should cut it off.. just didn't see the need to take it off.


I built up the t-case as per the video instructions, and bolted it in the truck also. These really are nice! haha. I only build a couple a month, but make a ton of them. Nice smooth unit with a blob of white grease!


Next, I put in the front drive shaft, but when you install the t-case all the way down in the chassis (inverted) and the motor plate all the way up, the dogbone wants to pop out of the drive cups. The instant and permanent solution for that is just a 4mm spacer on each drive cup, and no better place to get an easy spacer than an old rod end! Just cut 2 sections of 4mm wide each, and put in the drive cups. The dogbone spacing is perfect now!



Here's a stacked view of how the frame will look inside the body. This is the basic position of things, and you can see that I have a ton of room for the bed drop and the interior and electrics. Very nice and easy setup. I'm thinking seriously of making a trap door in the bed for the battery box underneath, and then I'll have no reason to remove the body! Drop in and go! Even though it's only a 3 inch tire coming, I sure plan to drive it!



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I went for a 19/87 gearing setup thanks to the very small 1.55 tire/rim combo that's going on here. This along with the 27t closed endbell HPI motor will keep things moving at a nice clip and allow some good control on the climbs, but with tires this small, climbing is limited to pretty scale trails!




this is so sick dude...agreed on ditching the axial flares , but this is your truck ...wicked build!