'Baby Blue' -GCM builds a 56 F100 4x4


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And Steel!

Got the front bumper and similar skinny brackets done. Really happy with this revived farm truck.



And got my round 2 of the headlights in and running. Not bad now. I had backed them with black, and they went all dark, so took them all off, and rebuilt with silver backing, and it's all good now. A nice yellow base for the LED to glow from.



Maybe take up knitting.
Got the bed all in, and ran far away from my wood floor idea. I would have had to do the box sides in the body color, but didn't have any more of that paint, so went with a black work box. Came out nice, and as the Lad is about to leave for the hunt camp, it was appropriate for him to bring his tools and some supplies for repairs.





The little tool box is made of 1/64 plywood and some balsa strips etc put in the corners for strength. balsa lid and drawer fronts. Toolbox side handles are made from 1/64 steel rod. Electrical conduit is made from airplane pushrods. Ply scraps ended up in the box bottom on the way to the hunt camp also haha!
The cab-saver hoop is a steel 3/16 tube bent and screwed into the bed floor, as well as being secured through the lexan rear window supports. Strong.
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Maybe take up knitting.
Out back I got the tiny red tail lights in also. Used milled out Axial SCX10 radio box mount legs. Work nicely. Also sanded the front of the 5mm LED to be flat, and made the whole LED about half as long in the process. Fits much better, and lit it looks perfect. Then painted the LED lens with red tamiya lens paint.


Of course, the thread wouldn't be complete without a flex shot. No battery or electronics yet, They should flatten the nose a bit also.


Here's the goods as it sits now. Looking forward to adding axles and RX, HeyOK light controller, ESC, and Battery. Trails tomorrow!!!!!!! YEAH!!



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Nice one Chris! The weathering in the interior looks great! Love all the wood in the bed. Great touch of realism.


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Thanks, fellers!

Needed some sort of way to hold down the body on this thing. With the front and rear bumper mount tabs locating the body shell at large, and with the way the bumpers wrap the body itself, the lid can't move at all. Ever. But it can lift straight up easily. The solution was some traditional body mounts and clips.. but where!!

I finally decided to put the mounts and body clips through the front of the box, under the wood, where they'd not be seen ever. Easy spot to hide even if the wood get's in the fire some day. Here's a pic of the upside down truck with the 2 posts bolted to the 4TEN frame, and up into the box. You can also see the black plug that connects the cab's lights to the Dual LED HeyOK light switch stuck beside the Tcase. So it's an easy unclip x 2 and unplug x 1 and the cab comes off freely. And the truck still drives completely like this.


Here's the clips themselves. They are sandwiching the box floor to the body mount pin and against the frame of the 4TEN. It's a solid really nice setup and works so slick. You can also see the 2 bolts that screw up into the black roll bar through the box floor right beside the bed corners... so when it's all assembled, the cab-saver roll bar acts as a perfect carrying handle also!! Slick. One of those unexpected cool things that happened!

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Old Blue got out for a nice run today. Really nice run! What's amazing about this thing to me is that I cared-not for the weight or balance when building it.. and I usually care all about that! I demand my center of gravity be just ahead of the Tcase, and I build accordingly. In this case, weird thing, is the back of the truck is SO heavy with the box and all the stuff inside, I had lost all hope of getting nice balance on this old truck... but with the battery up front, and the electrics all huddling around the front motor and trans, the C of G ended up right in front of the Tcase!! Yeah!! It rides perfect!!

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Thought i knew all the available PL body's, however did not recognize her at all!

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