'Baby Blue' -GCM builds a 56 F100 4x4


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The Old Blue Ford is Alive.
First run right here! It's a great runner!! I'm barely able to get anything done now, All I want to do is wheel this thing for hours. Much love.



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Very nice Chris. It's got a real methodical way of moving. And it's heavier than it looks! Great work.


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Thanks everyone! This is a really fun build, and even more fun to ride! LOVE!!

Unfortunately I can't stop working on this thing.. I have a nasty cough right now, so might as well hide in the RC shop!!

TAILPIPE! Ya, it's steel.



I noticed (and maybe you did too) that the lexan cab steps were taking a serious scraping along the rough stuff, so I added some armor!


This is a 3/16 steel tube, zinc plated, and it's bent all crazy to be screwed to the chassis directly, but has to fit smooth under the steps. It's a true armor, being plated and all HAHA

This tube has the perfect hole inside for threading any M3 machine screw into it.. which also works so nice on the chassis side also. No brackets, nothing. Screwed through a chassis hole, and cranked tight. You can pick up the truck by these. Solid as a rock. And now the lexan won't be bothered by any of the sliding action, and the too-many-after-hours-farmer won't go through the step when it gets a bit rusty! ha!



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I love to take one of these 'behind' shots at least once in the threads. It's cool to see how everything sits in the truck, and on the frame side. Hard to see when it's all covered over itself, but fully exposed here now! Every single thing that makes it move is under the front hood, nothing behind the firewall. That helps to balance out the heavy load of wood in the box! :laughing:


I think I may actually be done with this truck now. It's been tested and true, got the needed add ons after the first runs and testing, and now it's ready to do some work. Waiting for a while on the driver and head, so might as well get some enjoyment out of the farmer-less truck!

Thanks to so many of the SBG builders here for the scale inspiration!


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DEADLY!!!! I love how you keep most of your trucks "low" so they look better, to me. Guess I will have to get some more of your transfer cases to get my trucks closer to the ground, and a couple of the front transmission mounts!! It can't be finished yet?!?LOL! I am enjoying watching it too much!!


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Thanks guys!
The old farm truck is back from hunt camp to collect some more firewood and get some more lumber for the camp. Fortunately, the River Ridge is on the way back home, so we captured some of the journey! It wheels so nice! Got to be stretching into my favorite ride of this year!



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Well, I've had the out for a ride a few times since the spring, and now FINALLY it's got a driver. It was a bit of an ordeal to get into the interior, but it was worth it!




And.... now it's time to go out and play again!



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Finally got a rig review on this thing. Just keeping the thread up to date.

Enjoy! This old thing still gets wheeled regularily!



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The Old Blue got some comp action yesterday! It's a fun ride. I learned it has no use for loose rock on hills, but dirt is it's specialty! :lol: