Back in the hobby... GAZ-69 class1 3d-printed build


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Really really nice job!

If I were you I wouldn't go crazy with the accessories- don't need to hide the beautiful work you've done. Lights are always good though...

My trucks often lack drivers so I'll leave those for others to suggest!


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Thanks guys!
Yep whatever accessories I add, needs to be something funny and original. Don't wanna make jerry can and highlift jack "just to have more".
Driver is a tricky one, especially on full height convertible truck where it will be 100% exposed!


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Found some time to build little bit more, so started with the winch stuff...

Cut and bent small brass tube to feed the cable through frame front to back. Painted it black.

Brass tube ends here, servo winch will live there between frame rails :)

On the front I cut some scrap steel and made this winch mouth or whatever it is called.

Drilled couple holes to bumper, made threads and used bolts to mount the thing. And it works, keeps the cable angle suitable for tube end so it doesnt break the cable or get stuck.

Hook can be hang on the antenna for example so its not under mud/water when mudding :)

I also printed some wipers

And found a live 1:8 scale tarantula to go with the truck.