Bending a nylon cage?


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Can I use 3/16 nylon rods to make a plastic roll cage for a 1/10 project?
I can't really braze and plastic with screws is much simpler.

I've seen guys do it with styrene rods, but will nylon work? I'm just not sure how nylon bends, and wether it warps or not after bending.

Has anyone done this?


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Headquake once used a plastic clothes hanger, much like you intend, so yeah, probably possible.

Good luck, and post your results!


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Never used nylon but I have used styrene rod for a cage inside a *cough lexan body- very easy to do, just takes a bit of practice to get the bends you want and for them to stay. (I used two thicknesses of tube, one inside the other).

I realise this may not be helpful as you've asked about nylon... but you can probably find styrene rod as a backup.