BMW 4x4 "Upper class Redneck".


It's me again.
Hello and greetings friends.
Been busy with life.
But A new cheap budget build has started to happen.
Hope you enjoy my folly's.
It all started with a free 3/4 ton 4x4 4 speed standard chevy .
Then a 1993 BMW for 200.00.

Wanting a fun and different challenging build.:hmmm:
On a budget.... :laugh:
Things looked like they would work very well matching the two up.
So why not I says.....
Going full blown Redneck.

Enjoy and thanks for looking.....
2 weeks progress so far.
IMG_20190602_102209_01 (375x500).jpg
IMG_20190630_100213 (500x375).jpg
IMG_20190707_071715 (500x375).jpg
Lots of measuring.... Cut out 22 inches on chassis.
Ended up being same wheel base as a K5 Blazer. haaaa
IMG_20190707_110943 (500x375).jpg
Welder up!
IMG_20190707_133135_01 (500x375).jpg
Time to blow up the Beeemrrrr. ::2thumbs
Tear down was a breeze. 13mm and 18 mm sockets was about all ya needed.
IMG_20190707_170722_01 (500x375).jpg
IMG_20190709_142752 (500x375).jpg
IMG_20190709_172928 (500x375).jpg
IMG_20190709_172940 (500x375).jpg
IMG_20190707_170722_01 (500x375).jpg


It's me again.
Chassis stuffed under.
IMG_20190709_173522_01 (500x375).jpg
IMG_20190709_180655_01 (500x375).jpg
IMG_20190709_180712_01 (500x375).jpg

Looking crazy indeed.
Then I scored some free 35x14.50s 8 lug Thornbirds for mock up.
IMG_20190710_101421_01 (500x375).jpg
IMG_20190710_144754 (500x375).jpg
IMG_20190710_153414 (500x375).jpg
IMG_20190710_162049_01 (500x375).jpg

Just a lil attitude….;):laughing:


It's me again.
Time to get body down to chassis.
Bugs the crap out of me to see car body's/trucks dropped on chassis and all you see if frame.
Ugly ugh...
So chop chop trim trim..

Tons of looking and measuring. Measure twice.
Oh, no worries.... Things will be trimmed up and made pretty once I get it down to final stance.
So much work....:laughing:
IMG_1586 (500x375).jpg
IMG_1587 (500x375).jpg
IMG_1588 (500x375).jpg

Chop chop
IMG_1589 (500x375).jpg
IMG_1590 (500x375).jpg
IMG_1591 (500x375).jpg
Looking tons better down to chassis. ::2thumbs
Still needs about 2 more inches lowered on rear section.
Then it's on to body mounts.
IMG_1592 (500x375).jpg
IMG_1594 (500x375).jpg
IMG_1595 (500x375).jpg

That brings you up to date on progress so far.
More backwards to go for a bit, before forward progress.

It's coming round though.
More soon.;)

born to crawl

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this is awesome, I'm planning on buying an older BMW soon but why keep it stock when I could do this would make winter driving a breeze. Can't wait to see more


Putting it in "H"
I'm literally LOL'ing my way through the thread. This is amazing! Love it. What are your plans for it when done?


It's me again.
this is awesome, I'm planning on buying an older BMW soon but why keep it stock when I could do this would make winter driving a breeze. Can't wait to see more

Hey...thanks my friend.
Hope you can pick it up cheap as I did this one.
They have very bad electrical gremlins is what I'm told....but things are very well thought out on the mechanical side of them.
Hence the reason I picked this one up stupid cheap.
I have all the original drivetrain if ya need parts..ahahahaha
no cutting or hacking...less exhaust in three pieces.
Luck in your journeys.

I'm literally LOL'ing my way through the thread. This is amazing! Love it. What are your plans for it when done?

Thanks guy...been awhile I know..hehehee…. ugh life.
Plans are to keep plugging away at for a bit. Being on a super tight budget..not much fancy going to be happening.
Lots of sweet ideas though....4 link all the stuff. hoop and double shock front would be the mooo.
I do plan on a off road light set up for roof....well maybe anywhoo….
In the mean time..just make it run and sit pretty.
Pondering new style Black wheels of some sorts to catch it up with the times.
It will get a 2 inch lift as suspension is currently stock 1976/77 3/4 ton. ahahahaa

I did pick up a 400 chevy small block for it...has a couple things added and some goodies.
used...but should produce 300 HP still. It ought to get with the program with the 4/10 gears and 4 speed.
Plus weight reduction is a huge bonus.

See what transpires shortly and where inspiration leads me next.
Thanks again guys.::2thumbs


It's me again.
Greetings From Tater land.
Last nights folly's follows as such.
A little trimming and the rear is now 2 inches lower to chassis.
Trying real hard not to make this a cold six pack Harbor freight Welder Sawzall rig...:laughing:
IMG_1592 (500x375) (500x375).jpg
As low as I can go to chassis with out making it a dish rag or huge mess.
IMG_1595 (500x375) (500x375).jpg
IMG_1596 (500x375).jpg
For rear.... welding in a 3x4 1/4 wall tube. Will plasma cut and add tube for receiver hitch dead center.
This should also save plastic bumper from carnage.;)
IMG_1599 (500x375).jpg
Shot of passenger side front wheel well and how good things came about.
IMG_1600 (500x375).jpg
Thinking it needs a rock crawler stinger hoop and some fancy tube work of sorts to bring it up to spped and save that plastic grill.
3 inch Tube is just sitting their. Possibly welding it in also for a tow point. To Be Determinized yet..:laugh:
IMG_1602 (500x375).jpg
2 inch x 2 inch 1/4 wall tube to fill in the remaining ugly gap between chassis's.
IMG_1604 (500x375).jpg
And since my wife wouldn't do a poser....
This is what ya all get....:laughing::laughing:
No looking at my butt.
IMG_1605 (500x375).jpg
ZZZZZZZZ More soon. On my way to Star Dumb no doubts.
Enjoy and thanks for the peeps.
IMG_1606 (500x375).jpg
The only way to work on a BMW. They have specific lift points you know.


It's me again.
Absolutely insane! I love it!

Thanks dagaba.
It's silly I know.
But I never built a car 4x4 before. Tons of trucks only.
Plus it's been stupid fun and challenging. Things I like to do.
Perfect no..... But It should scare dogs and small children. :laughing:

Broke the 400 small block open and had a gander at internals last night.
All looks to be golden. Putting in new oil pump is all. Throwing some new gaskets and maybe paint at it.
Few odds and ends need gathered up for it. Won't bore ya all with the list of to do's.

Scored on some 3/4 ton 8 lug new style black wheels with tires that have decent tread.
Hope to get them some time shortly.
Bout all the updates for now my friends.
Be safe and keep on truckin.:biggthumpup:


It's me again.
Small update.
Crazy busy day yesterday.
Picked up tires and wheels.
Now it's a bit up to the modern times.
Over the fence on looks though, looks like a "Donk" to this redneck.
See if they grow on me and what they look like with center caps and chassis painted Black.
Anywhooo ..... on to your pics.
IMG_1607 (500x375).jpg
IMG_1608 (500x375).jpg
IMG_1609 (500x375).jpg

And..... Went and helped Pick this gem up too.;)::2thumbs
My buddy stole this thing for price.
Farmer John had it hid between a bunch of old 2 ton farm trucks.
Some one really took care of it and their hard to find not trashed or a million different colors in changed out body panels.
Best part of it...…. Dana 60's axles 4/56 geras and power plant is a Olds 455 Rocket built to the hilt.
Supper cool in my book.
More on it later...Trying to now buy it off him..ahahahah:laughing:::bigdrool
IMG_1610 (500x375).jpg
IMG_1611 (500x375).jpg
Thanks for the peeps.


Putting it in "H"
Great stuff man, keep it up. Glad to see that you're wackiness for building on a small scale translates to the full-sized world.


It's me again.
Great stuff man, keep it up. Glad to see that you're wackiness for building on a small scale translates to the full-sized world.

Thanks "guy".
Body is mounted now.
Steering done and hooked up.
Plans are to buy 33 inch tires and lower it instead of lifting to clear the 35 inch tires.

Thinking it's time to pull front interiors and get some holes chopped for the shifters.

Gathering up the 350 Chevy small block this week for it.
I'll save the 400 for another project.
Tons to do... weather and time permitting.
But where getting it all sorted out.
Stupid doubts.
Thanks again.


It's me again.
Slow goings..
here is a hint of more progress.
More photos coming shortly.:biggthumpup:
IMG_1613 (500x375).jpg
Free 350 cheby…
picked another square body up too...4x4 1983 GMC... $619.00...hehehehe.


It's me again.
Wow you have a real monster there!

Thanks Swartz.
Not much to update, but I'm hoping to have the 400 ci done in the new square body in the next few days.
Then I can get back on project BMW.
Wasn't expecting to have to change motors in the pickup, But its all coming round as I found lots of little problems that needed attention or I would have been walking. :laughing:

I did give away the black wheels and tires to a friend that badly needed them on his Dodge. He was to the cords on original tires.
So the monster 14.50s are back on the BMW . That's all good as I would like to tire it down to 33 inchers so I don't need to lift the car any higher.
Goal is to have it running and under it's own power by winter so I can go play at least in the snow.
More coming soon.
Thanks again


It's me again.
1993 3/4 ton 4x4 BMW roller for Tiny trucks.... ?

Shipping not included.....

Stalled out on Beemrrr . :smoke: