Brave new world...


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Well, after years of hemming and hawing, I have arrived late to the 3D printing party. Currently sitting on my workbench, spitting out a tiny boat a fraction of a millimeter at a time, is a Creality Ender 2 V2.


So far so good, after a few false starts. I've found that prints stick OK to the "bottom" side of the glass bed, but not at all to the textured surface you're meant to use. Haven't resorted to tape or glue yet, but I might, just for consistency, and to not need to turn down the speed to almost nothing on the first couple of layers.

The little dog test file that came with the machine printed out OK last night...


So I downloaded Cura and that little "Benchy" boat file that everyone uses, sliced it, and it's currently printing. Looks OK so far. Got a bunch of rolls of PLA filament in different colors to play with. The ultimate goal is to print full bodies, but baby steps...


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Printed my first actual thing for an RC car, a shovel for the side of my Land Cruiser.



Painted up. Should have taken the time to smooth it out, but I wanted to see how it looks just painted. It'll do. Next I'll try for a nice smooth finish on something.



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I’ve had the ender 3 V2 for a while now. A real nice bit of kit for the money. I’ve not had any real issues but I upgraded the bed springs and bowden tube right out of the box. I’ve not had any bother with the bed levelling either, a check every now and then but tends to be ok. I have been using glue on the print bed for a while now, I don’t apply fresh stuff often but I don’t usually have any adhesion issues. 2991D284-4773-4F7D-A10C-B3C99613D752.jpeg
The inner fenders for the Yote experimental build. It may look a mess but the glue does wash right off if you need a smoother print surface.
Happy printing 👍🏻

Bill Maryka

Congratulations. You've taken your first step into a ban new world. But be careful it can become a rabbit hole. Take it from me. I've been at the bottom of the hole for 2 years now. 2 printers. One or the other is going every day. Sometimes both. I probably have 600 hours on my Anycubic Mega X.
Enjoy it.
3D printers are the best thing since toilet paper without slivers.