Bringing a DX3R back to LiFePO4



I have a Spektrum DX3R that I got used and it was fine when I bought it, it came with a carrying case and the dynamite steering wheel. Somewhere along the line, despite the case, the battery tray became damaged to the point that the battery leads wouldn't actually reach the AA batteries and the radio was essentially useless.

Instead of ordering another battery tray I discovered that my mini Revo life packs fit inside the radio with ample room. I did some reading and discovered that Life packs are actually the ideal voltage for this radio. It is a higher voltage than the 4 AA batteries but within the range of what the stock electronics could handle. higher voltage has the added bonus of improving the range of the radio as well.

I unsoldered the stock battery tray and replaced it with a traxxas conector that I had lying around. next I guled in some foam blocks I had to prevent the battery moving around. I glued them off center so that I can still separate the radio case If I need to.

With the plug conected it is enough to prevent the battery moving from side to side. I also cut out a thin piece of foam to put between the battery and the battery door. this was to protect the battry and keep the door in place as the old AA tray kept the tray in place.

with the battery door closed the radio looks OEM and no one would be the wiser. one of the other main bonuses of this mod was that It dropped the weight of the radio down to 447g with the battery making it 40g lighter than with the old AA batteries and tray. I did the mod mainly just to be able to keep using it but the benefits are clear, a lighter more powerful radio. Not bad considering it didn't cost me anything