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Ok, crawling, yeah I am hooked and haven't even finnished by first build yet and want to customize it. I want to try and fab my own roof rack. My question is what would be the best type of heat source to use if I want to braze, do I need to be out in the garage or is my hobby room(guest bedroom) safe enough with the fumes. Is silver the best for beginners. Any help would be appreciated. Kinda' like my eyebrows where they are:crazy:


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im sure people are using a propane torch, not really recomended to be in your house. and braising rod.


A propane torch will never get hot enought to get brazing rod to flow. All the cool kids use MAPP gas (yellow bottles) and silver solder (not to be confused with silver bearing cheap solder from a hardwear store). I'm still alive and do it in a small room that opens to my deck so I leave that open for ventilation, make sure you scratch off the glavanizing on the brakeline...cause that stuff isn't good for you when you burn it.
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The mps gas setup would get you started, great solution for a few builds. You'll want to upgrade later if building a bunch. Check Canadian Tire! Cylinders should be around $11, torch head around $25, get the best brazing rod you can find there.
The fumes from burning galvanized will kill ya so if your working inside run a fan out the window!!!!!!!


If you have a choice, do it out in the garage. Check out the link posted above, I provided a complete list of what you'll need to get started. Go with Harris safety silv 45 or 56 plus matching flux. Doesn't have to be Harris, but it should ideally be braze that melts at the lower temps MAPP gas puts out. I've used the rods. They work, but if your a newb at brazing, I wouldn't recommend them, they're definitely a bigger pain than safety silv. They also stink more than safety silv.

I braze indoors in my basement, just making sure I've got a fan on. The dust from sanding is, in my opinion, a lot worse than the fumes. Make sure to pick up a dust mask. I also drink a glass of milk afterwards, no matter what (even though I definitely sand all my tubing). Figure it's an easy preventative from any possible galvanic poisoning.
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