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Question for the experienced. Where do you get your blueprints for fabricating your scratch build bodies? Never done one before but I want to build a body out of styrene, so I would like specs to be accurate as possible.

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It's a great question. Mostly if I have a specific model in mind I search Bing using "[make and model name] blueprint". So if I wanted to build say, a Mercedes Benz X Class pickup, I'd enter Mercedes Benz X Class blueprint into Bing (or Google, Duck Duck Go, etc). And that would yield this:


Of course you wouldn't want to build the X Class. It's based on a Nissan Navara.

If you don't have a model in mind, you can simple enter truck blueprint into your favourite search engine. Alternatively, go to the trucks category on You can also choose "Vector Drawings" along the top for higher-quality blueprints. Not all models will have vector-based drawings though. As an example the Mercedes X Class is available from them at:

Last tip - make sure you find AT LEAST front, side and top elevations (ideally also rear), or you're going to struggle. I built my Bronco Concept from photo references alone, and it's obvious how skewed the proportions are.

Finally, when you have the blueprints, do an image search to help you understand how the shapes (2D blueprints) become forms (3D photographs).

Some other resources if you're looking for build ideas are:
List of trucks (Wikipedia)
List of pickup trucks (Wikipedia)
List of military trucks (Wikipedia)
Engines of the Red Army in WW2, and engines of the Wehrmacht in WW2 (note, annoying music, but they include many WW2 Mil trucks from the US, UK, Canada, and Italy)

Hope that helps.


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I found drawings on the for a future project I am interested in - A Detomaso Mangusta. I printed it out and took it to an office supply place and had them blow it up to the size I needed (brought a ruler with me) and had several copies made all for not too much money. I can use one copy to cut templates. Planing on using 1/8" foam with resin to stiffen it. Have other things going so it will be in the future sometime Lord willing. Good luck with yours.