BXR Element Proof Brushed ESC

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Tekin's BXR Type-C Brushed ESC gives your Scale Crawler precise control and a feature set unmatched by other brushed only ESCs. Features like 3rd Channel Input for on-the-fly Drag Brake adjustments and Tekin's exclusive Active Drag Brake Technology make the BXR the perfect Scale Crawler solution. Tekin's Element Proof Design allows you to hit the trails with confidence no matter the weather. Small, capable and versatile; the BXR is ready for any adventure!


This ESC is TINY! Not only is it tiny, it's also Element Proof, so playing in some water is nothing to be afraid of. We aimed this at scale trucks that may have very limited space, and mounting the BXR just about anywhere is very easy and it also fits in most of the receiver boxes provided on current platforms.


The BXR comes equipped with an auxiliary plug (white and black wire) that can be used to adjust your Drag Brake Strength on the fly, right from your radio! Setup is fairly straightforward, however not all radios are created equal. Check out the info on setting up OTF Drag Brake HERE


Active Drag is a Tekin exclusive feature that gives you more control than ever. Through the power of coding sorcery and many months of testing, Active Drag takes normal Drag Brake function to the next level. Normal Drag Brake only engages when the ESC sees a neutral signal from the radio system, but Active Drag changes the game by implementing brake function while throttle is still being applied, giving you more direct control over your rig's speed. For a more in-depth explanation, check out the video HERE


Element Proof products are designed with extra protection from water, snow and mud. While we are confident they will perform in wet conditions, we definitely do not recommend submerging them!


Controls: Forward/Brake/Reverse

Input Voltage: 2S-3S* LiPo / 4-9S NiMH-NiCD

Motor Limit 2S LiPo: 20T 540 Brushed

Motor Limit 3S LiPo: 30T 540 Brushed

Max Current: 60amps**

BEC: 6.0v @ 3.7amps on 2S LiPo

Dimensions: 1.0 x 0.93 x 0.35" / 25.4 x 23.6 x 9mm

Weight: 0.39oz / 11g

*3S and some high torque servos requires the use of an external BEC module.

**per FET manufacturer spec


Tekin BXR Brushed Rock Crawling ESC

Ty Campbell

Playing with toys
Holy tiny batman! The servo plugs and switch are as big as the damn ESC!

Yep, I wanted to make it as small as possible! It's a stout little guy too, handles 3S 35T with no issues. Even tested it in touring cars on carpet with lower turn motors and it handled them too! The motor ratings are definitely on the conservative side.


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Is this compatible with the older version of hot wire i tried to hook it up to my old hot wire and it doesn’t recognize it :idea: