C Rating Required For Light SCX10 w/ FXR and 25t Motor


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Hey all. It?s been a while, but I?ve finally come up with a question.

I?m still rocking my ancient SCX10, with a Tekin FXR and a 25t Mabuchi can. It?s pretty lightweight and I?m gearing for a smooth start. I?m finally replacing the 1350mah, 3s, RTF heli battery my bro gave me around 2010.

What I?d like to know is how much of a C rating I?ll be needing. I?ve found some cheapish 3s packs on Amazon, with a rating of 25c.

Whaddya figure?

edit: forgot to mention. It?s a 2250mah pack.

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I don't know wha the price difference is, but good packs are still cheap. 25c might be just fine with a stock silver can motor, but if you're buying a new pack, just go for one with a 50c rating.

I just looked quickly, and its about $9 more for a 50c gensace pack over a 25c.