CC02 G500 wheel wells. (thoughts, suggestions?)


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fiddling around in cad, seeing what might work as wheel wells. need to wait till next week to print anything (filament in the mail).

Added a Trailer hitch too.




Near final will be testing and prepping to release on my Thingiverse for free and I'll have a copy on my cults3D profile for maybe .50cents with included step file?
Anyway! Widened and slightly raised the inner fenders and I'll be trying them out with the 1.55 bit bull growlers. They are slighly larger and wider than the stock g500 tires

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Looks good. I'm on a mission at the moment to make wheel wells taller (i.e. from bottom of body to top of shock tower) but thinner, i.e. enough only to cover the wheel, and for front wheels to allow only enough space for the wheel to turn.

Doing my testing on Tamiya's VW T1 bus, and making mine in styrene. It's costlier than 3D print, which I should learn already ::awwcrap