CC2 Off-Road JK Jeep Build


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Hey yo-all. Here in this here thread we are going to build this. Here's how:


I got REALLY inspired by Eric's perfect bumpers from our local club, and me and the dremel became good friends today:


Took the wheelbase from 13.06 down to 12.45 and you'd never know it because the fender lips are off. Nice.
Going for a tube slider setup, tube/solid front and rear bumpers, tube cage, and Might get to open doors if I am lucky. It's already further than these pics, but I'm liking it...




I can hardly believe how perfect the frame lines up for the metal bumpers install. So easy, its silly. Going for a light, low, and clean setup.



Any final paint suggestions? Will be a full dark color interior.


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Well, um... I always wanted a AEV Brute, and now me got's one! HAHA surprise!

Original truck from AEV:



So, I went for it... the worst that can happen is a body wreck, but it's far from that so far: ;D I took the rear section of a rear lid and meshed it right onto the door pillar, and after a soft black tonneau cover and shaving the handles etc, it's ready to paint.




Going to use a horizontal tube all around the top of the bed as a protection and also to support the spare/roof rack pipes. Also hoping to get the tubes right to the frame all around, and excluding the roof rack, have the body come up and off, but leave the interior attached to the frame. Not sure how that will work out yet...


Nice one-piece hack of the fenders and running boards... Gonna be a fun build by the sounds of it.


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I'm glad you're doing this...there was talk of one a while back and nothing came of it.
Once the door seams are filled in on the back it will be very close.
The fender flares on your sample pics are also available in rubber now...just ordered some for my Jeep.
Keep the pics coming!


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Got some cool tubing, some brazing goodies, and some brainy ideas (thanks Aaron) and the tubes are flying.
Full side rails, one piece, and weld on to the rear and front tube bumpers. Body will be trimmed off behind the front wheels to match the tube, I need the clearance there anyway...


Cant decide if I'm only going to use a single tube on the rear, or the double tube bumper...

Me and Aaron decided to do the olive drab flat paint and the black flat tube look.. That is also a stock AEV item.


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Tried the double and I like it alot. It does fill out the rear end some, and looks more 'real'...haha
It's all welded on, one big chunk of tube, and freaking strong now. Love it.



On the front end, the straight tube you see there is part of the welded assembly, but it will actually be the hinge for the whole body etc. I'm making up an aluminum bumper tomorrow for it that will mount on the frame, a small squarish thing that has the hinge slot in it for this tube, and houses the tow hooks etc on the nose.



liking tubing more every day! Heavy though, and I don't like that part at all....


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Got a good ways down the road tonight... Great!
Got the bumper brackets made up today, and got them on.. The tube work had been welded with copper phosphorus rods, and it's not very strong. I went over the thing with the mig and got lots of good steel in there... did all the corners also and did the grind on them to make a smooth transition.

I completely love the front of this thing. It's smooth, and frame-mounted, and there's maybe a 1/4 inch of nose on the truck, so it should climb no problems. There's always room there on the flat to mount a poly bumper or a winch or a whatever.. it's a plate of tool steel, so it has the capability.


Because the body now sits on the rear bumper, the front bumper, and 2 places in the center of the frame on the floorboards, I had no need to keep the bed bottom as it was.. I had been using it as a floor to sit the body on while making up the tubing, but don't need it any more. Got a new bed for it.

This is the mock up, but the end result will be very close. The tube all around the top of the bed will be flat black, and the bed liner also, and the tools on there as well.

Here's the corners shown all weld filled and ground nice and happy-like.

It's a flat black, and with the all steel mounts on the bumpers, the whole tube outline is ROCK solid. Amazing protection this will offer, as well as a much needed side slider.



I've been going at the body work now that the lower tube stuff is done, and it's got a great paint on the bench. Going for the military vehicle, I have a nice flat olive-drab and all the tube work is a nice flat black, the wheels will be flat olive with black rings.
It's coming, and I'm getting excited!. My favorite part of this setup is the tubing you see here will stay there forever. The body actually sits inside it nice and snug, and I'm likely to just have a couple of clips holding it there, so the access to the inners is a no-brainer... lift body, and there you go. Might even just use velcro, don't need it for strength...


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So it's painted, and body/interior done and installed. Now I have to do something about the wheels and get the under-body done.. the inner fenders and the box bottom. Then a shock rebuild, and I'm back on the trail. I am DYING to drive this thing around outside, it's SO what I have wanted. Perfect for me.. no nose overhang, 12.45 wheelbase for comp, and great center clearance. I'm in love (don't tell my wife!)

Getting the filler going and the cleanup of the rear window match. Fun.


Got the interior basically done. Nice thing is really nothing is permanent on this thing. So far it's under a minute to have even the whole interior out and on your lap.


Here's a bunch of shots on part of my indoor crawl spot. This thing is right where I wanted it. Yummy. Got to trim off the lower corners of the front skidplate though, the tire is grabbing on that during hard steer/flex.








The required flex shots. Must have on a thread like this.




that looks wicked i have thought about doing this to my body i jsut wasnt sure now i got some ideas thanks so much, tube work turnd out perfect and looks even better all painted:biggthumpup: totally telling your wife your in love with someone, well actually something else hahaahahashhh


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My god that looks good very very well done... but what else can you expect form GCM lol
Yeah I can see what you mean by having to trim the front bumper at the corners makes sense...
can't wait to see this in person and give it a good old test run with the new wheel base.... yummy

I'll ttyl



3 Qs:

Is the tubing 3/16 brake line or...?
How thick is the plate on your front bumper?
Are you sticking with the tires on it or going with a scale tire? (2.2 Rok Lox!)

Looks sick!


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3 answers?! haha

the tubing you see is 1/4 inch brake line. I like the larger of the 2, but would for sure use 3/16 for a rear rack or such a thing that took less beating.

Front skid is .09 tool steel. was all a 2 pound hammer could do to bend it on the vise. Ouch. small overkill.

The tires are in the works. I have no solid decision on this yet, but I'm working on it. Unfortunately, my RC budget can not just buy a bunch of rims and tires to try out, so I have to choose carefully!. Darn


The Jeep looks more like these two Rubicon versions. The Brute is more complicated to convert from a Rubicon. I would use an older Wrangler. Nice build none the less.

Jeep's JT Wrangler concept


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wow, cool! I didn't know how close it was to the brown one... great! some more ideas for wheels etc..


Great job, it looks awesome. I had thought about doing that to my JK. After seeing how "easy" it looks I may have to give it a try.


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Thanks fellas. I have really had fun building this one. Got the partly rolled-up windows in it now, and working on some wheel ideas....:nod: