CC2 Off-Road JK Jeep Build


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So I did some wheel painting this evening: I'm happy with the results for the time being. Did some GREAT crawling with it tonight also, and it's right where I want it. Low, slow, and smoooooth thanks to a mamba max esc now and 100% drag brake. That giant motor loves that esc. just hummmmms!


Windows in on both sides:


Here's the final look. I'm leaving it like this for a while until I get used to it. Took the outside mirrors off to keep them for show, otherwise, it's byebye mirrors on every turn with my driving! haha


Surprise midnight recon mission screensaver for your download:


The tires are in the works. I have no solid decision on this yet, but I'm working on it. Unfortunately, my RC budget can not just buy a bunch of rims and tires to try out, so I have to choose carefully!. Darn

I'm in the same boat... the RC4WD 1.9 Roc Lox and stamped steel beadlocks are SO tempting!!

The proline setup looks tidy; I like the color-match you fashioned. I prefer the new stance to the 2.2s... to each his own, I know.

Gonna have to get this thread moved into the 1.9 fourm eh? :nod:


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haha I think so, and I can get some slightly larger 1.9 tires that should fill it out nicely. I like the more narrow look, and I like the taller tire, so cant..... stop.... shopping.......aahhhh!!
I better think about it, and read some reviews on tires first...

Kev? you could move this to the 1.9 I suppose... it will likely stay that way.


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There you go...1.9's it is!

I should have my new 1.55 tires and wheels this week. The Mud Slingers are 100mm high, will be happy to let you know how soft they are....they might look cool on there and are fairly slim.


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we have LIGHTS! :luxhello:

I bought a 20 LED array for 6volts from crappy tire for $7, a camping light, tore it down, and checked it out... they were all parallel wired with a tiny voltage drop circuit, so I made up my harness from my 'extra' intentional BEC Plug and stuck a resistor in there for the total voltage to be 3.77 at the lights. Wired, drilled, and glued it all up, and bingo. MAN AM I HAPPY WITH THIS! Can't say enough how impressed I am with the projection of the Jeep headlight buckets, amazing. Only a single LED on each corner, and a 3/16 sized one, with the tiny little lense inside. Amazing.
The rear I did not want them to 'project' like the unaltered fronts, so I blacked out the very tip of the LED with a sharpie.. a couple of coats of black, about 1/3 the total diameter. That get's rid of the direct lighting, and the rear lights use more of the built in reflector for the red spread, where as the front gets the direct and the reflector as well, and it's real bright.
Look how this carries, it's amazing. The pics are very slightly over exposed, but you get the idea. I crawled all over the course in the dark and had zero problems finding my way. Very happy man over here.




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got a new driver! he swung in with the dog, but in the process of trying to grind second, the dog sortof got lost in the battle. Well, Shaggy survived, so he's the new team driver.



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Well, Shaggy finished his posting in the army, and when he was leaving the sarge told him that they were going to de-commission his Jeep.... This almost made poor Shaggy cry, so he spent the next 10 minutes begging to buy the old thing from the feds... It worked, and he drove her home with special permission (avoiding most roads...hehehe)


In the process of bringing the beaten and battered jeep to road worthy condition, the Transportation Department made a stink about some of the military equipment on the truck. Shaggy was forced to make some changes if he was to keep the Jeep alive. The first of the items was the non-road legal military tires, and due to Shaggy's interest in the deep woods, he went for some giant 45's which actually don't fit too bad. Second was a total steering re-fit, and new steering box. This was a very tired and desert beaten item, and it needed a new replacement for a while. After that, the paint needed MANY bruises repaired and sealed up, as well as some proper lighting and even wipers. It was a ton of work, but he got it done due to the excessive love for his precious Jeep... and now it's his forever!


It seems to work very well on the trails also. He had the chance to get it out (without a DOT inspection, bad boy...) and it's sure a good time. He is contemplating some higher gearing though, to help out on the highway runs between trails.....


On his way home, though, he spotted a suspicious character.. and a nice suspicious character...... and wondered if some future relationship might be developed.. and who is the driver of that pimped beast?.. Hmmm


The story of Shaggy is getting more involved now that he's got some free time to roam in his favorite truck..


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Well, Shaggy has been hard at work in the shop. He's got the mechanical itch right now, and because of his sincere love of his precious Jeep, he decided to prove to the world that this truck can conquer the podium... Let the revisions begin! the TTC competition is only 3 months away!
First off, he went for a solid new transfer case. He needed a unit that would handle the thrashing, but because he's not much of a fabricator, it had to fit in his existing space and frame, so he got one of these GCM Transfer Case units.


Because he had his gear reduction unit in the center before, he had to re-locate the whole drivetrain to the nose, and in doing so ran into some major problems. But, alas... the trusty t-case fabricator assured him there was nothing to worry about. Just use this Trans Mount Plate, and get out the wrenches! A steering mount re-fit was also done at the same time, so Shaggy feels real good about this setup!



While all this was going on , he sent out he tube steps and cage out for a re-paint, and he's anxious to get the new setup out on the rocks!



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OK, so since as you can see from the above pics, I had the motor mount in the fwd direction, and had the motor up front with the servo/trans all ahead of the axle. Well I decided to turn it around, (it's totally reversible) and get the motor and trans down lower and in the center more, but still under the hood. So while doing this, I figured I'd just use some full production parts with the black anodize and just clean up the whole thing somewhat. Here's what I did:

I put the servo mount in after the CC frame rails were on the exocage. That was just a bolt on, and I like the looong link on the servo horn to reduce the bumpsteer, so It's going on the left, and horn to the rear. The steering arm will go toward the truck's left side for a long arm.


Then I stuck in the front axial trans mount and I'm using some new 5pole crawl motors I got. Also going to use a 23/81 gearing on it because for now it's only 2s lipo and the motor is low kv, so the gearing will help. It will be just right on a 3s, which I hope to do real soon. The t-case is going to be driven off a dogbone and 2 drive cups. Won't break that!
I also shaved off the front axial trans output and some of the actual casing to clean up the thing somewhat. I want it to be the final version of this truck, so I'm after clean and looooowww for good looks and good performance, but still frame steering.



I'm going to stick on the gearing, servo, and center skid/transfer case tomorrow, so more pics coming!


I see atleast one change to the CC chassis. Is there going to be a CC3 or version 2 frame soon?


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haha. All the units sold have the (tiny) change. It's the same chassis, although I have a brain full of other ideas also!


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I got the new black t-case mounted on the new delrin skid. It's getting exciting around here! The t-case sits on top of the bosses on the skid, and then the m3 screws thread into the skid and it's not going anywhere. And with the bottom smooooooth and the links internally mounted, it should be a clean sliding setup.



I had the motor mount setup in the rear holes on the CC chassis, but moved them to the front holes, because this EASY dogbone setup fits right on the dang thing. It costs a fraction of the cvd setup, and will never fail. I used 2 cups from HERE and a dogbone from HERE to join the 2. Easy and, well, easy. Also makes lots of room up front for the upper links, because there's no bulky driveshaft there.


I made a cute little bracket on the frame near the trans output to hold my ESC. It's 3/4 inches high and 1 inch long angle with some zip tie holes in it, and I stuck some industrial velcro in the middle of it to keep things there. You can see here how LOOWWWW the entire setup is in the frame. Crazy. I actually put my 2s5000 lipo on TOP of the tcase and the whole interior still fits on with no problems.


True Scale AXIAL

The Jeep looks more like these two Rubicon versions. The Brute is more complicated to convert from a Rubicon. I would use an older Wrangler. Nice build none the less.

Jeep's JT Wrangler concept

:Wow1: 0909 :Wow1:


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So it's linked. Did I mention that I hate links? Maybe it's the fact that I make them from aluminum tube, but for some reason it takes me forever. These are the strongest ones I've ever done, but there was never any problem with the stock axial ones... In any case this is a nice smooooooth bottom transition with the links straight and inboard. Plus it triangulates in all the right ways, and CLEAN.



This is what we have now that it's all there (didn't put on the cvd's yet). It's reaaaal compact, more than I thought it would be.. just works out that way with the placement of the parts. The lipo is attached to the bottom of the seat on the cab, and sits right on top of the t-case... if you can believe it, there's room for a skid, t-case, 5000mah lipo UNDER the seat with no cutting on the JK. That's crazy amazing. I'm so stoked, because the CofG is real low on this rig, and most of it is behind the front axle now, and that's GOOD. Can't wait to take over the world with it! haha :laugh: I've got the esc on a little bracket on the frame opposite the motor, Rx on the top of the axial trans, and the wiring all routed around the trans mount. The battery will just plug in from the bottom when the body is on , and that's it!


I got heavily motivated by Ryan's RazorBak rock buggy build, and made up some Axial 4 link bridges. I was never really happy with the others out there due to forward or real high mounting positions, so I came up with this compact monster. It's solid as anything too!



Now I am off to get a new front body mount made up. That's also a pain in the donkey... but got to do it anyway!

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Man, this was a nice build before, but now its spectacular. All the pieces you make are so clean, simple and strong looking. Youre a good thinker. I'd love to get some of your parts eventually. I'd like this whole set up eventually. Really nice. :beerchug: