CC2 Off-Road JK Jeep Build


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:drooler: I was wondering why I hadn't seen a Brute around here. I guess I wasn't looking hard enough. Now that I've found her, Generis, I hope you don't mind if I love her a little bit too..


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She can use the love, but just to warn you, she's been beaten, has some scars from it, and the back end is a bit heavy. :laugh:
I really like driving this truck.. even though it's a bit on the chunky side for me... it just takes over the world of rocks in the shop and makes for some good times!


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Hot dang is it ever! The best thing in the house! It's hanging on 2.2 hammers again and just feeling the love around here. Great truck. I'm thinking of going to 3s this summer and a tad of a gear reduction to help on the hard inclines.
Love this thing! Beaten weekly!


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any updated wheeling shots? sorry to be a pest... there are just some trucks you learn to like and cant let fully die!!
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haha Sure, I'll steal these from last weeks fun. I stuck on some of the switchback wheels to have a looky and ripped it around the rocks! Nice! I feel like with the fenders cut way back on this truck the 1.9 is a bit small, at least with the small tire on it, so it's back on the 2.2 hammers since, but I'll send in these for your eye candy! The poor front end on this thing has taken such a massive beating! LOL!






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You can't see it much, but in that last pic you can almost see the new electronics box I put in this truck. I used a servo box, the flip lid plastic type that the new servos come in. It fits ON the rails way too perfect, and I just ziptied it to the rails and rear shock tower and made a little slot in the top section for the wires to come out. It's sooooo handy to have it ALL in the same box. No nothing needed to hold it there (no brackets, screws, nothing) and besides an old servo box and zipties, it's direct fit. I really like having them all up and out of the dirt. I know most of you are using those clicking lid ones, and know I know why! Good idea!

The hammers I have on there now are these ones:



cool man ive been eyeballing this brute build since it started floating around...excellent job..makes me wanna build one outta whats left of the old jk...thanks! lol

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Just bringing up an old thread that i love.
Got to spend last weekend with this truck and man its cool. Its still going strong. Kinda unstoppable actually.
Had to re-read the build thread for it again.

Really great truck Chris. I want it. :laugh:


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Thanks, Rick. I guess I should up date this thread with the new axle housings, considering it's all Brute! haha!
Here's a pic from the Fun weekend in May, Thanks to Matt for the photo


The axle housings look like this now. MetalHead customizer setup from GCM.



and the front setup with a panhard and 3 link, still full droop shocks all around.





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these are rusting up just right now also. The dirt/mud tends to polish the axle again, but after only water or a good hose down, they end up looking like they should.... Rusty!!



With the insane amount of abuse this rig has taken (scale abuse, no really stupid stuff) it managed to break an aluminum hex and strip the hex centers out of 3 wheels, so Here's the newest setup. I stuck on the cut down jcon rocx and new hexes and wheels, and now I know why people carry multiple tire sets. These things clamp dirt and mud and loose terrain like nothing else I have ever seen. Much better in mud than the Hammers. On the other hand, the m3 hammers had just a tiny bit of an edge in the smooth rock climbs we did on Monday afternoon in Ottawa..... Just a bit. The hammers are smoother and less bouncy than the rocx, but just can't compete with them in the mud (as you can see by Ricks video).
I'm loving the new 'mean brute' look!




This thing is so clean, simple in a good way! Looks like one tough rig for sure. Nice build!