Cutting a hard body - question


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Hello, I have a newbright F150 body. it is an supercab flareside. the wheelbase is 16".
If I cut out the back seat and reattach the back window panel to just behind the door to make it a 2 seater I can take out almost exactly 3 inches. I need to make 2 cuts: behind the door and just as the roof curls up from the back window. My question is what tools for accurate cutting have you had success with?
I'm thinking hacksaw blade. My gut says that a dremmel with sawblade will make a really rough melted cut that will create more work later. Any other suggestions?
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I've used a dremel and very sharp razor, but I don't have that much experience with it. I have seen floss or fishing line or something similar used though

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G'day Champions.
Cotton thread. Allows you to work nice and slow and follow your guidelines accurately....but yes a razor saw is also great.