Dag's Land Rover Series iia swb


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Wow, thanks @dagabba
I think I need to develop some care, patience and practice a lot.
A new pair of eyes might help too.
Yeah, patience and practice... but it's just for fun right so have a go and don't get too stressed I reckon. I certainly make plenty of mistakes all the time.
Sooo I have an Emax ES08A Micro Servo (€ 8 and change for one) in a build somewhere, and I also have Micro SG90 Servo Motor 9G mini for RC helicopters and aircraft in a few others. I bought a pack of 10 for ~ € 16. And I've not had any of them die on me. They do spend more time on the shelf than off it, though.
Thank you! You're being very helpful with the shopping lists... I've got wheels/tyres/lights and rivets on the way!!


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Ok, back to work on the sides next. First I layered and sculpted the (only!) curve:


The profile here is wrong, it should be thinner and concave, matching the outer shape- it's sheet metal. However, with those layers of styrene I don't feel I can remove much more from a strength point of view, don't want to delaminate on the trail!

Next I started to put in the metalwork inside the doors. I'm not going to use a door card here, I quite like the stripped out look.

Some details next, I made up some latches- the handles move but there's no mechanism inside as the doors are staying attached for now. I have considered separating them and it would just require one cut but for now I think I need the strength.

Note the difference- driver's side has an external lock, passenger's does not.

In place with some more details:


Little handles are styrene tube with metal rod inside, I may swap them for brass... scale bolts are to hold the door upper/windows on so I'll have to make some of them... and the fuel door is a bit of a mess. I had it cut out really neatly but after installing I decided it was too thick so I've tried to narrow it down in situ. I'll see if I can clean it up, might just need to cut another.

Two more little things- I've drilled holes ready for rivets and taken a slice off the tops for the galvanised cappings.


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Little shout out here- in the scale/design chat I mentioned how I love to work from 1:1 builds as well as blueprints and photos.

Well I've found a fantastic blog rebuild of a IIa called the Little Green Landy which is massively in depth and details a full teardown and rebuild for pretty much every component, all with excellent reference photos. Just choose which bit you need and it's probably there in aged and renewed form both in place and removed from the truck.

Highly recommended for anyone building a series Landy, especially a IIa- go check it out. Just careful with the wallets, it's got me looking at Series classifieds again...



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Ok, wing time!

Cut some shapes, did some dremelling... actually thought ahead and made some templates for next time! I think there may be more Landies in my future!


Then cleaned up, scored lines and built the inner pieces. You can see the curves are a bit rough- I obviously got a bit carried away with the dremel, oops! Still, should clean up pretty easily.



Also note- I was planning to put the headlights in the wings, I've always felt that was more Landieish but having looked at many photos I'm now enjoying the cutesy grille mounted look.

I then had a look at marrying wings with bulkhead and realised I've added a lip on the latter which is totally wrong- must have been a wierd shadow on the photo I was looking at.


So it's gone now and instead I've added the wing mounting tabs:


Cheers all!

Oh, I also saw a couple of funky Landies at the weekend. Here's a nice crane jobbie:


And here's a kids model, bigger scale than mine:



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Grille/radiator panel now. Made up another template and cut:


Added the radiator support to the rear:

And some little details to the front. Finding my compass blade useful again though it's got an annoying amount of flex- the inner edge of the headlight surrounds is a bit rough:

Little mock up with the wings and bulkhead:

In the end I've decided to glue the rad panel between the wings. I'd hoped to have all pieces mount seperately with hardware so I could do some fun building/rebuilding pics but it needs some strength and I don't want ugly m3 hardware in there. Added some more details too- I printed out some light buckets and found a bit of gauze for the grille, it's too open really but will do as a placeholder until I find something better:

Cheers all!


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Ok, now the front end is coming together I decided to have a look at how to mate it with the chassis.

Copying the look of a full size S2a I've designed and printed mounts for the bulkhead:


And a front crossmember:


Fun fact I've learnt from the Landie blogs- why are there circular cut-outs in all the crossmembers? For powering accessories directly from the gearbox.

This piece doubles as grille mount and servo mount- I'd planned to run the servo up front with a faux radiator covering it but there's no space for that as the grille sits well back from the front edge of the wings.

Here's the bulkhead mounted up:


And the wings/grille panel with the aid of some tape:


There will eventually be a cowl in front of the grille which will bolt down into the crossmember. However, I want to be totally sure of the chassis/body position before adding that and this needs to go lower. Parts are on the boat...


Need to add some stuff back here- doesn't look very comfy atm.


Scaled, but not fishy.
Looking more and more awesome with each update mate. ::2thumbs
Yes, the holes in the cross members are for the PTO (Power Take Off) shaft driven accessories. You could even get a PTO driven winch that was a pretty cool idea. :cool2:


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Looking more and more awesome with each update mate. ::2thumbs
Yes, the holes in the cross members are for the PTO (Power Take Off) shaft driven accessories. You could even get a PTO driven winch that was a pretty cool idea. :cool2:
Thanks! Yes, that's the one, very cool idea I think!

Looking great :luv: The frame rails could do with another hole or two... ::awwcrap::2thumbs
Haha thanks! Actually, I could do with a few more holes up front for adjusting the leaves... generally VERY adjustable though!

Brilliant work so far. Loving the detail you’re putting into this!
Thanks n00b! It was meant to be a quick build but I seem to be getting bogged down...

I’ve got a D90 soft top in mind so this will make great referencing on the techniques you use. Keep up the great work.
Great! Happy to share drawings/workings if it's helpful!