Darkhorse Garage

Racer X

Supporting Member
I built my workshop so it looked like a small garage. I still wanted it to be a workbench. So it’s kinda got some doll house stuff about it. T it basically is my work bench.

I started by gathering scraps. The walls are made from crap shelf boards that had to be replaced with plywood so they would not warp. I scratched lines like boards then smeared stain across them so it looked like siding. Then I took a bunch of rotted stakes from a garden fence that held chicken wire. And cut them in half. They are cool because they are weathered.
After that it was just a matter of details.

As I got more trucks I needed to park them. So I recreated an outside facade on the bench across the shop. Complete with night time lighting curbs and man hole covers.

Its still kinda a work in progress.