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well, it has begun, and I know we don't need another bunch of pics of stock wraiths, so I just stuck in (what I THOUGHT was a large) buggy into the pics to mix it up. Can you imagine I ordered this in April and it just got here. wow. I could have had one down town 3 weeks ago :laugh:



It's even larger than my son's stampede! Just huge it is!


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As you all know, I'm slow... but when I get going, I'm all about performance, and the looks can come later.
The thing was a hoot with the stock setup and a 2s battery, but, well, I wasn't satisfied. So I put in a 3s in the stock truck, and added 100% drag brake. Well a couple of instant backflips later, the motor started smoking, so I realized that the gearing was real bad for this setup.
In 10 minutes and 15 screws later the thing was totally swapped out to a 17/90 pinion spur combo on the 3s. Here's what I think of this setup now...


This is a winner all the way, people. If you have ever wondered about what to do with the gearing in this truck, or battery power, I can in fact completely recommend this setup. It has a massive top end, a crazy low end grunt and crawl control like no other. Does wheelies on demand thanks to the snap of that low gearing, and basically now a perfect drivetrain setup. This is from stock 4:1 to a wild 5.29:1 gear change, and using the 3s, this thing is absolutely perfect.
Now on to the shocks.


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A couple of new choice things went on today. First was the Castle 10a bec installed, and running at 6volts... something more than the ESC thankfully, and keeps the servo from seizing up the rx all the time.
Next was my favorite crawler servo, the BlueBird 630-mg, this is the 200+oz unit that's a perfect duplicate to the Axial stocker servo, but all metal gears and ball bearings and much more power. That with the CCbec is in just about any of the other trucks around here.
Ok, so I was convinced it was perfect before, but it's now perfect. The RX is stable, servo flings the wheels around fast and furious, and the power, snap, and crawl control is perfect.
Ah, but don't forget the shocks! I moved the front shocks back to the rearward mount hole up top, and unloaded the springs. The front is nice now. The rear got all the preload released, and stock position, and so far it works nicely. Much better than stock settings, and I do have a much lighter battery also, so the balance is nice aswell. I'll load on a bunch of pics in a bit.


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Ok, I'll fill this up with some different colors other than typing! haha

First up, the current lack of stickers and added scratches. Have a look at this sitting flex, wow Nice!




Now on to some tech talk.... This is a full description of the changes I've made so far.
First up the servo, as seen above, and below. THis is the sickest little thing, and the prices are so great. I have these in several trucks, and very reliable. I think Aaron killed one of them down at Ricks place in May, but that's the only one I think that has ever died.. after much abuse on large tire crawlers and trucks!


Now on to the other electrics. The bec can be seen ziptied on top of the RX box (the little blue thingy), shown below. That pic below also shows the front shock position I'm using.


Next up is the battery. It's a Turnigy 3s 2200 30c. Way more battery than any crawler/trail truck ever needs, as seen by the watt meter... which shows this truck runs at 18 amps ripping the crap out of it. The little battery delivers 60 amps, so it's never trying at all. Nice. It is a bit shorter than the size of a 2s lipo stick pack, so some foam blocks fill the void. I also routed the deans from the stocker esc down below, and made a deans to XT60 extender for the battery and it comes up at the front of the battery slot, as shown.



Now, as you may know by now, the stocker driveshafts twist into a licorice stick soon after you learn how to properly abuse the truck, so I went for the MIP shafts, the regular axial units, like for a SCX or AX10. The pic below shows the stock center axle pin screw left, then the MIP setscrew for the same in the center, then the new HPI Savage or Traxxas Tmaxx pin screw that is required to make this work. The Wraith shafts have no flats on them for the MIP setscrew and therefore don't hold worth a darn. You need the pin screw to make it work properly, and thats the one that fits.


The other small problem with using MIP shafts on the Wraith is the center axle up front will rub on the spur cover. The rub is significant enough to make a change to the spur cover. I installed it all, then ran the truck to mark the spur cover, then removed the shaft and dremeled the smallest amount of plastic to make clearance. The amount needed to remove won't even go through the thick spur cover, so no dirt will get in after you grind.


So, now it's tough and works great! The 6.0v setting on the bec makes the servo swing like a home run hitter, and the lighting etc is still working perfect!


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I moved the rear shocks to the most fwd hole up top now, and also added some M3x12 flatheads from the inside of the battery tray through the rear shock tower mounts in the middle hole. That seems to keep things much more together back there. I'm really happy with the shocks and smoothness of the setup now, and as you can see, the suspension is working very well in the little video below.

I got a tiny RD32 video camera a while back, and got it going today. It's great! Wide angle, and 720p HD viewing. I'm looking forward to getting it out on the rocks very soon. (after the tires get changed haha). I linked a little testing video I made up today at the house using the RD32 and some new plastic mount I slid into the rear of the Wraith. It works ok, and the positioning is cool! haha

>>> Video Link Here <<<



The vid is pretty cool.

You need to get some work done on that yard man.


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There's more great shock action shown below.

I got out today to my favorite crawl-on-the-river spot, there's so much natural rock formations there I thought I was in BC for about an hour! :laugh: The river and the falls and the old smooth rock is just amazing. I was hoping to get over to the bigger rocks, but it took so long to get across this creek, I'll have to save that for next time.


It took me about an hour just to film this tiny video >>>>>> Video Link Here <<<<<< until I got stuck, as shown below. That was the end of my filming, and about 50 minutes of fun trying all that. Man, I love that place.


The wraith in the current setup is just about perfect, although the tires neeeeeed to be changed to panthers or something very sticky with some softer foams. The problem is that I have gotten used to the tighter sidewalls on the stock tires, and like the way it steers and handles.... but they are not soft enough for rocks. Well, time will tell, I have it in a proper crawl comp on the 28th, so we shall see.

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Thanks for the info. I don't have a wraith yet but it is on my wish list.

Thanks also for the link to the bluebird servo. I needed a new one and they are on for $16 each if you hover on the page long enough.

Wondering if the hard foam tuning rings that you put outside softer foams would work with softer tires to give you the traction you want with the sidewall support you have gotten used to.


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I updated the video link, just reloaded the above video, because it said it hadn't finished processing yet, and days went by. Hope this reloaded one is working better.... New Video Link (also changed above)


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Couple of things: I have my shocks with the springs adjusted all the way to the shock caps (soft), and mounted to the most tilted position they can be, so most toward the center on the top mount. I also cut all the large center lugs out and :biggthumpup::biggthumpup: That made a HUGE difference!!


The tires work so much better this way, they curl around rocks, and work very very well. I also moved the battery to right behind the dash board, and the combination of changes has made this a very capable scale crawler. It will do significant inclines now, and has great handling on rocks. As seen in this new video:



Hey Chris you do no that the 2nd is the last day right?


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Yes, sorry. I tried to change my title to just ... Build but couldn't get the .. entry.. off the title. I'm not in the competition.


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well, after what must be 30 or more long runs on 3s, the little stocker motor finally died. The brushes just wore off the thing, and it's done. :rock: Now that's RCing for ya! Here's the replacement unit:


I went from the stocker 20t (no torque) to this monster torque 35t from tekin, and just on a whim decided to up the tooth count a couple, so I took off the 17/90 gearing I was using and moved to a 19/90 gearing. I think I still lost a bit of high end, just a touch of top speed, but CERTAINLY gained a ton of low end control and real 'crawl' ability from this monster of a motor!


I've also got a better picture of the slot needed to cut out of the stocker gear cover when using MIP shafts.....Nothing special, but might help understand the mod. it's just a nick off the cover, and the MIP shaft actually fills the hole anyway :laugh:



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When I'm out at the river rapids, I've been calling this thing a spider in jest, thanks to how it just seems to get around and over just about anything, and still jumps on it's prey at times, so that's the refresh theme! Me like!


I noticed after the teardown and repaint that there was no rear center panel?! what the heck?! Why is there no panel there? It looked silly with that missing, so I added one. I also had to get the truck registered in Ontario (license) because you can only crawl on Crown Land in Ontario with a registered vehicle! Marlin had to get their hands in here also.



I really like the new flat color and the sponsoring. It's got some edge, and at very least it has some color! Finally. I have some plans for the wheels now also, but at this time, it's still seeing much dirt and water, so I'll be sticking with stocker wheels for a little while anyway.



did you cut the lugs of tires? or is that the way they have torn off?

looks great i am sure i will have to put a back panel on mine i hate that it is missing as well


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I did cut out all the center larger lugs. This has been the best thing for this truck, as the traction increased on every surface, and the tire curls very nicely now. Great free mod! Thanks for the comments!