Enduro Trailrunner (First RC Truck)


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Fire Orange 4Runner - Enduro Trailrunner (First RC Truck)

After looking at screens far too much in the last year and watching alot of YouTube Videos. I really wanted to paint some models. Almost got back into Warhammer, then I found some RC crawling and build videos on YT and two days later I got the Enduro Trailrunner.

I am really enjoying it so far, even if I' am only driving it around my backyard for the moment.

After the first drive and reading up on what most people upgrade first on the Enduro Platform, I order a new servo off Amazon. I got the DS3225 25KG to replace the front steering servo.

I wanted to get the IE RC Shock keys to lower the rear a bit. However I live in Toronto and the shipping and duties was more then the part (this happens alot). So while my local hobby shop was still open (due to Lockdowns) I was able to pick up some generic shock keys that mostly fit.

I also order some RC4WD parts from a Canadian distributor; 5 Lug Wagon 1.9" Steel Stamped Beadlock Wheels (Black), MICKEY THOMPSON 1.9" BAJA MTZ, Rock Crusher X/T 1.9" Tires, Enduro Beadlock Hex Adapters brass and a small screw driver kit because I have never hated allen keys more in my life then right now.

I went with 4.19 OD tires, that seems to be the biggest you can run on the Trailrunner with out some major cutting to the fenders. I will probably have to trim a bit off the fenders but I want to find a larger set of fender flares that will work before I start cutting up the body.

I Kinda messed up the first few decals I put on, especially the large mountain ones on the sides, after finding a good tutorial video and some practice I think I started to get the hang of it by the last one - the banner across the top of the windshield.





New Servo Installed

New Shock Keys Installed


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Plans for this build:


I want to make this look like an overland 4Runner, I really wish the body was licensed. I will be adding alot of Knights Customs parts and blood brothers graphics makes a great decal sheet for it. I just need to find someone in or near Toronto to print the parts I want, the prices on shapeways are a bit much. I will also be adding the 3d printed inner fenders.


I want to increase its crawling ability as much as possible while still maintaining the scale 4Runner look.

I already ordered some parts to add weight to the bottom of the truck, 5 Lug Wagon 1.9" Steel Stamped Beadlock Wheels (Black) and Enduro Beadlock Hex Adapters brass.

I am going to get a few more parts to add more weight, the SSD HEAVY BRASS KNUCKLES, BRASS LINK MOUNTS and a BRASS DIFF COVER.

I also want to add a chassis brace or two to increase the rigidity of the frame. I was also thinking of getting the metal bumper mounts but I am not sure if I'am going to start adding too much weight to this Truck.

Putting a lift on it would decrease the amount of trimming I am going to have to do for the larger tires but I dont think you can really lift the IFS, I havent found any mods for it yet anyway.


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Installed the new tires and rims along with the 5" Curved LED bar from Pro-Line and some hard plastic chassis braces.





I'am probably going to install the 11% over drive gear next. I'am not sure if I should also use a smaller main drive gear because of the larger tires and all the weight I will be adding.


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I decided to order a 18T Pinion gear since I' am adding a fair amount of weight (parts otw). So I might as well wait for the new gear before I open up the transmission and add the 12% overdrive gear. While I' am waiting for those parts I wanted to try tinting the lights.

I removed the paint with nail polish remover, it worked but it did fog up the plastic and leave some white specs I could not get rid of. After a few coats of TS-Smoke I think it turn out pretty well, the fog was hidden by the paint and the few white specs you can still see look like stone chips in the lenses.





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I got my parts order and a few of the 3d printed items I'am going to be trying out.

- 3d printed receiver box to mount onto the front winch servo location, its smaller a bit lighter and moves the weight over the front axel.

- 3d printed low CG battery tray that perfectly fits my new 3s 60c 2200mah battery.

- 3d printed rear chassis brace to mount the new Hobbywing 1080 ESC.

- STRC upper shock caps and Beef Tube Brass shock spring retainers.

-SSD Aluminum Link Mounts and RC4WD Ballistic Diff Cover for the rear axel.

- SSD Brass Knuckles for the front.

- Team KNK Brass Wheel Hexes and RC4WD Disc Brake Hex Adapters.

- I also glued the mirrors and door handles, used gorilla tape on the inside of the body to hold down all the retaining clips. I used tape on the parts I might replace or change. Everything will be glued down eventually.