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Hi, new member here, I joined expressly because I know a bunch of you have been 3D printing bodies and accessories. I want to get a printer and based on the very little information I have I'm leaning towards the dremel 3d20. But before I make a mistake I wanted to ask advice on what I should get that requires no immediate modification.
I am choosing the dremel based purely on liking the brand name and that it already has an enclosure. But as I said I am completely ignorant otherwise.


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I don't know of Dremel printers, absolutely not an expert myself but I think a lot of people are using Ender3s as a starting point- pretty affordable, seem to perform well and there's a lot of info on forums everywhere about them. I picked one up a month ago and it's doing very well for itself.


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I?ve got two, Monomaker(Wanhao clone) and my Creality

As I print both PLA and PETG, I use two types. One is a Bowden tube, the other is a direct feed Micro Swiss.
Today?s printers are mostly plug and play, Cura software seems to be the go to for free.
Prussia makes great machines as do Ender/Creality.

Finally find a forum for the printer you choose, support and experience make it much easier to master.

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I'd say the Ender is a good place to start. Pretty low price barrier to jump over, and as it's a clone/been cloned many times, lots of parts and upgrades available.


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I have one Ender 3 and it's a good printer for it's price. I paid for prints before having mine and now I can see mine doing better prints than printers that costed 2 or 3 times more. It prints TPU stock...having a Bowden tube should make that difficult but it works somehow