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Hey Ladies and Gentlemen,

A little information for those of you who don't know me or my Business.

::2thumbs Ive been a member of this forum for some time and know a few of you guys personally and cant wait to get to kow more of you ::D: Ive been doing the RC thing for as long as I can remember and started Exclusive-RC 3 years ago. There are SO MANY awesome vendors on this forum and im humbled to be a part of it myself! :biggthumpup:

::2thumbs What I can do for you.

I specialize in custom 1/10 and 1/14 scale accessories, both hand made and 3D printed. Custom
Bodies, Custom fabrication, Custom paint, Vinyl Decals, Fiberglass work, weld work, etc. Anything you can dream up I can help make a reality for you.:coolred:

::2thumbs For ordering you can, PM me, email me at duarteexclusives@comcast.net, or simply visit my website www.Exclusive-RC.com

If you guys have any requests or ideas im all ears, always looking for was to improve the quality of my work to better suit your needs.:cool:



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You asked for ideas..... :drooler:
I haven't seen this available anywhere - how about 1:9/1:10 Scale Engines? Not the "slip over the 540 Motor" kind (although more of those wouldn't be horrible).
Something that either can be adhered to the top and sides of a forward waterproof RX Box (like Wraith, Bomber, Rock Rey, Yeti, ect...). Something to give the RX Box, just sitting there anyway, an appearance of, when peeking through the Body Cage, an Engine!

I'm guessing, new/old Chevy Small Block, Big Block and LS Series.... Big Block and Small Block Ford, Triton 5.4 and Coyote 5.0/5.2.... and Mopar Small/Big Block V8, HEMI - old and new.... and Diesels, appropriate for each Brand.
And maybe some lightly detailed front section - with Alternator, P/S Pump, A/C Compressor.... and Belt(s), represented with rubber bands....

Then from there, Toyota 20R 22RE, and the V-6s, gas and Diesel.... And whatever else is popular, that I haven't mentioned (never messed with in 1:1 !!)

I'm thinking basic, quite Inexpensive, should be flat on back, with or without double sided tape (you DON'T want to drill HOLES in a waterproof Box!!! :laughing:
Just basic, cheap components that would spark the Modeler to create whatever level of detail that he/she would want to make from it!! :hmmm:

That may sound like I've been designing this concept for awhile.... In reality, it hit me just last night, looking at the RX Box on my Wraith Spawn Kit, with what looks like rudimentary Intake Runners molded into the Lid.

Whaddya think???