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I'm looking to put a Tamiya Unimog 425 body on a CFX-W.

I'm not concerned about track width, but wheelbase is definitely an issue. The Uni 425 body has a 242mm wheelbase, while the CFX-W is about 300mm. I would like to extend the bed section the necessary ~60mm to make the wheel wells line up.

A friend of mine has a spare Uni 406 body that he's willing to give me which I believe has roughly the same size bed. Would it be possible to cut a section from the 406 bed and join the front and rear halves of the 425 body after it is cut?

What are my other options? I've watch a few vids on YouTube about fabricating pieces out of styrene. I've never worked in styrene before, so I've not a clue on how that can be done.



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Time to jump in and try it. Short of using Shoe-Goo and a few strips of flexible fabric mesh, I don't see many other ways of doing this. A few folks have done it here before, did you try searching?


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My search only turned up one person who did something similar, but it was mostly photos and not much process description.

You're saying use shoe-goo and the fabric to strengthen the joints where the body pieces meet? what if I used scraps of lexan and CA?


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CA won't cut it. They do make solvents for acrylic or polycarbonate sheets but I can't recall the name. Figure it's the same type of solvent used to make display cases or fish tanks?