Fire / EMS graphics?


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anyone know a site on interwebs for fire/ems symbols and custom city/town lettering? i'd like to type in my own town with local phone number, buy and print. i found a few sites, but they clearly state they don't do single orders etc...


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Try to find something on a stock footage site that uses Vector-based graphics. You should be able to edit, or find someone to edit it in Adobe Illustrator.


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A friend on mine has a sign shop and would regularly do up scale stuff to be printed on vinyl. Whenever a full size print was going out he would add the scale stuff into the white areas for us guys.
Another option might be once you have a design is having it be printed on water slide decal paper


Go to your local fire department they may give you a PDF of their logo.
I also use a sign shop for my decals & get them printed on vinyl but it can get a bit expensive the last lot cost me two cartons of beer


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i would suggest Neil at, he made me my NYS DEC stickers for my TF2 LWB