First Build: Team Raffee D110 Pickup


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Second attempt at a scale crawler build; previous was a D90. Currently working on a Team Raffee Co. D110 Pickup (chassis and body). Loving the build so far but I seem to have caught a snag :whatwhat:. The rear wheels are not centred on the body, they touch the rear fender well and I am not sure what might be off.

Chassis: Boom Racing ARTR D110
Body: Boom Racing D110 pickup
Wheel - 5 Lug Wagon 1.9" Steel Stamped Headlock Wheels
Tires - Pro-line racing BFGoodrich Krawler TA KX 1.9 G8

Any help on what I might have done incorrectly to cause the misalignment would be greatly appreciated. Sadly, I do not yet have permission to post pictures (I likely just do not know how to).


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I had exactly the same issue and others have reported it too- either get shorter rod ends or cut the links down a little.