first car

s.e. chaarles

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leaning towards a Rochobby vintage Volkswagen civilian version (not Kommandeurwagen type 87).

Q: anything inherently wrong with this choice?

i'm not concerned with high-performance, but just to become familiar with what the "hobby" is all about.

tons of questions will find their way to the front as progress continues.



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The only issue I could see would be the lack of option parts, but depending on where your interests lie that may be a non-issue.

Something that includes the everything to get running (including the battery and charger) would be the way to go and the small ROC Hobby stuff should fit that bill.

I'd say focus on what interested you in the hobby in the first place and don't worry about what others say is the right way to do things.


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Are you more into scale or fun and usably? I have a type 87 and it is terrible off road. Its is only really usable on carpet.

s.e. chaarles

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scale IS fun for me. in all honesty, i'm a model railroader bumping up to 1:12 scale for the options a large scale offers for detailing. i also want to explore "dead rail" operation which is what some garden railroaders use to confound the electrical gremlins which make operating sessions a nightmare. although i will operate strictly indoors.

i also have a major infatuation with vintage VWs, so when this came along i thought it would combine several interests in one. intitially i contemplated pulling the guts out and simply have a 1:12 scale static model. this will most certainly happen to some RTR vehicle down the path track, but i should run before i walk (sic) since i have no idea what i'm doing electrically.

if anyone has a hankering for large scale railroading, the 7/8ths forum is quite informative: - home (different sub-forums)



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Looks like a pretty solid choice for 'Model that Drives' type of use.

The biggest issue with that type of model is finding others to play with you, but it sounds like it fits right in with the trains.