First Time - GCM builds an SCX


Maybe take up knitting.
Hey, all. After all these years, and with all the other people's trucks been through here, you'd have guessed GCM had made up a bunch of SCX trucks.


This is 'First Time', our very first SCX project in complete form!


After some interesting trading locally recently, we ended up with a full on Honcho RTR in a box. That changed into a Comanche real fast, but the Truggy appeal just wouldn't leave my head, so we ended up with a Comanche truggy, and thanks to ProLine and Axial having their heads on straight, it was a simple and real nice build.


The Honcho kit included a ton of extra lower links and upper link spacers, so with the change of the front links the wheelbase was a perfect fit on the Comanche body. The rear remains unchanged. We changed things on the radio department, and used a waterproofed Castle (stock Axial) esc to drive the truck on our 2s Lipo battery mounted up front.

The first rendition is seen here. Very soon it will be fitted with GCM RokCountry front bumper and winch. We already drilled air holes in the rims for some nice tire squish, and did some basic shock adjustments.


With plant and flex like this, it's hard to complain about the setup in the truck, and for such a simple and light setup we hope to get a nice trail runner tuned in very shortly.... and with the Trail and Crawl meet scheduled for Monday, it might even get in some video as well!

More to come...


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Looks really good Chris. It will look even better with your bumper on there!


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I think it's a cool change, I know when I started playing around with more SCX stockers I had a bunch of fun. Sometimes it's nice to work with all those extra plastic bits to see what you can come up with.
Looking good!


Very excited to see what you do with the bumper, I have the same Comanche truggy and one of your bumpers... but haven't found a good way to mount it yet.


Maybe take up knitting.
Here's some of Ryan's great pictures from today's local crawl gathering at Blakeney! SICK time!








Hello sir, did you have to shorten the wheel base for the matting of the jeep to the honcho arse end, or was it as you said, a direct fit for the body? thanks, and looks very cool


What the hell was that?!
I wish I could have a honcho without taking it apart to build something else. They are pretty nice trucks as is. Looks good.


Man those are some sweet pics you got up there. May i ask what camera your using? Iv'e yet to find a good cheap camera that takes good pics. LOL yes i said good cheap camera. I kinda keep dropping them and they brake. I'm kinda rough on equipment when i'm in the wood. Oh and the last camera i borrowed from my sister is now in the river. HAHA so i could'nt buy myself one cause i had to replace her's.
My wife keeps telling me to wait till christmas. NOPE if i buy a camera now maybe i'll get a camcorder for christmas. LMAO :laugh::laugh: :biggthumpup:


Maybe take up knitting.
I'm hoping to get the bumpers done next week, finally have a tiny break in the schedule!
Got the Commanche on black Baja rims now. Not bad, but I really like shiny things, so I might go back to the silvers.....