Ford Bronco Concept


build. break. repeat.
Yes!! Finally, you're back to the bronco... (FYI it's very hard to get me excited about Fords. Take that as a compliment.)

Go go go!


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It's time to get this finished. The GCM shock relocation kit is out because the surgery required on the body is just way too much work. Pity. Anyway, first step was a bath. There's almost a years' worth of dust on it, and some mud from the run on December 27th last year.


Then painted the bumpers. Ran out of paint so will complete on Friday, assuming the delivery works as advertised.


The back also needs touching up with paint and a new license plate.


Next up was a damage assessment. The left side of the tailgate needs some work - I'm leaving the other two scratches because they're a reminder of it's first run.


The windscreen damage is the only one I remember from its run. It was a hard hit, and even after the wash you can still see dirt in there. Tried prying the windshield out but looks like I did too good a job getting it in, so will have to try another approach.


Then there's a crack all along the right side starting at the door, which will get seen to.


Added to that I still need to:

● Put on the GCM diff housing plate/cover (stupidly one bought one, the second will come when I place my CMAX order ::D:)
● Make a steering wheel
● Attach the dashboard with magnets
● Paint one of the seat bottoms
● Make rear view mirrors
● Get the remaining windows done
● Hook up the lights
● Hook up the winch

What's crazy, looking at this now, is how horrified I am by some parts of the build, and how impressed I am with others. Guess I learned a thing or two since doing this one.
Glad to see this again! Such a unique and skillful build. The little battle scars give it additional realism!

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This build is so sweet that my teeth hurt. ;) Good that you are back at it.

Ha ha dentist ;) Thank you. Shouldn't have left it this long :dry:

Yes!! Finally, you're back to the bronco... (FYI it's very hard to get me excited about Fords. Take that as a compliment.)

Go go go!

Know what you mean. I'm overloaded on Toyotas but still yours floats my boat. Good builds do that (so thanks for the compliment)! And yeah, ima goin'!

Your work blows me away man - very well done, I love this truck!

Thanks dude. Love this one too because, even though parts of it are really bad, it's my first scratch build. High time it got done. Speaking of which -

My mouth is going to get me in a lot of :sh1t: soon. Told Ms. Protocol a couple nights' work and it'd be done. Started with some CA glue and filler on the crack on the tailgate...


...and then turned it over :blackeye:


So about 4 hours later the tailgate is yet again ready for paint. Had to really fight the urge not to just redo the entire thing - I want to keep the repairs similar to the build, so I did what I think I'd have done a year ago to get it ready.



build. break. repeat.
Had to really fight the urge not to just redo the entire thing

Oh man I know what you mean. I've almost torn parts of that Hilux interior out and started over... especially when trying to paint things I should have painted before I installed them... oh well live and learn.

The tailgate looks very clean. 4 hours well spent, no doubt about it.

Are there any other areas which are "bad" or really nagging you? This build is so clean, I don't see anything out of sorts. It's so on point.

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Are there any other areas which are "bad" or really nagging you? This build is so clean, I don't see anything out of sorts. It's so on point.

Many. Two of the biggest - not using thicker styrene where I should have. It's sturdy because of the three-dimensional nature of the panels, but it could be stronger. The second is not paying attention to the a-panels/windscreen. Bottom is symmetrical, the top isn't. So the window above the front seats is shaped like this:


Another lesson was to listen to people less. I still feel like a n00b at this, but that feeling was worse a year ago. Being acutely aware of cognitive bias I try to identify flaws in my thinking, so initially took other's ideas a little too literally. Didn't always work out so well.

Anyway, onto the progress. Got the windows done, and glad it's done. I dislike painting, but masking even more so.




build. break. repeat.
Oh wow. The Windows turned out amazing! Come on brother, ya gotta give us more than two pics... cough 'em up! lol.

Can't wait to see it when you're ready to show us the whole thing.

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Thanks. I think the trick was to keep the black as narrow as possible. Here are some more pics ::2thumbs Got the cracks filled, sanded back and painted.




Windscreen itself still needs the same treatment the other windows got, which will take a little longer. Tailgate repairs also underway, and made a start on the rear-view mirrors.



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The shape of the mirrors look spot on. What did you use for the mirror's glass?

The mirrors are plastic, from EBay. I just searched for "plastic mirror". Can dig up the Ebay link if you like, but you should find loads of cheap mirrors to suit your tastes.

Got the silver passenger seat trim done, and got the steering wheel done. Next up are the steering column and the shift paddles. Mine's not an exact replica, but I think will do.


Haven't bothered removing the double-sided tape I used for the crash test dummy in the drivers' seat, because I've yet to decide on the driver. And I have no idea how I'm going to do the two-tone paint on the steering wheel...


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every time i look at this one i get more jealous!

Ha ha thank you but don't - it's not as good as you think ;)

Got the steering column done, and some paddles. Seems the steering wheels' a bit too small at 34mm diameter though. Everything I found online also has a 34mm diameter. The plus is it should be easier to fit a driver. Down side is I have to make one if I want the size right.


Will paint this one for now and then see what the future holds in terms of steering wheels.
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build. break. repeat.
Thanks for the mirror info. Off to eBay I go.

Good luck on painting the interior... it's easier to model than to paint!

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Took me three days but I've got the job I've been dreading done - detailed the windshield. The first photo is the before shot. It didn't look quite that bad but I photographed it in harsh light to show how rubbish it looked.


Took me ages to finish the masking, but I got there eventually.


The result was taken under the same light as the first, and whether I'm happy with it or not, it's staying that way. Happily I'm happy with it.


Getting closer.