french metal CHAPPARAL The most beautiful part of the collection



It is not the professional work, it is a passion, it is made on the spare time during the holidays or the weekends.

I would not miss to share you of my with next projects plastic explosive or metal.
the next projects is a 1/10 jeep M715 :

And later probably a 55's Willys



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Oh my! I guess the 'stuff' just got real around here. Thanks, Stephan, for adding some serious Euro-awesomeness to my day. Truly amazing!


An amazing creation. Would love to see your other builds. The McLaren in particular.


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WOW if you would have made it a little bigger and robbed some parts from your lawn mower you could have the most amazing gocart ever built!! I cant get over the size that car is huge. but wonderful craftsmenship. I tip my hat to you sir I am amaised


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SUPERB work overall

and amazing how you made the headlights...

hmmmmm :hmmm: is there maybe also a 1/4 SeriesII Land Rover with some agriculteral equipment in your garage,
which I perhaps saw in the LAND Mag? If so ... it would also be great to see here more of this truck... ;)



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This thread has gone dead since a while back and many of the build shots cannot be viewed because of the change in 3rd party hosting from Photobucket back a few years ago so you cannot see anymore how incredible this guy's work is but as I was searching online for some examples of DIY metal bodies, I found a French thread with this guy's builds - all of them outstanding. Here's a couple pics of the Chaparral 2D, one painted and complete which never made it to this thread.

Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 8.19.17 PM.jpg

Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 8.18.30 PM.jpg

Here's the link to his thread with some of his other builds.