Full custom caged YJ comp style rig


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Hi all,

I'm brand new here so I hope my first post finds you well.

Here's my YJ comp style I'm building from scratch... well mostly.

- Tamiya body
- SSD transmission
- LURC wheels
- Vanquish RockJocks
- Pricey's Custom Shocks
- A lot of 3/16 brake line

I'm trying to scale it out as much as I can and build what I can myself.

My first post is a bit of a photo dump so apologies in advance. I'll be adding some progress images individually from here on in with some details on the latest changes. Just tonight I've finished off securing the aluminium body armor with scale bolts, made some body mounts and adjusted the body on the cage as it was really roughly sitting on there.

Ross - Melbourne Australia

[url=https://ibb.co/4KtCgn0] [/url]


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Very nice! I particularly like the shorty transmission set-up, and the dash detail is fabulous!


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Looks grand so far. I recently got about 30 feet of brake line, and while I've soldered/TIG'd up a few projects so far, haven't done a full chassis with it yet. Can I ask what bender and braze or solder you're using?


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Today I tidied up the body armor, secured with scale bolts. Body lined up as are the mounts. Side intrusion bars made and dash is in. I?ll be hitting the driveline next.



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Excellent fabrication work mate ::2thumbs:cool:

Much metal, many scaleness, so awesome......... :drooler: :laugh:


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Test fitted the spare and sizing up for the hold down straps


That's looking great. Some fine cage work there. the dash is nice and tidy. always good to see a custom jeep.