GCM build bench etc.


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Thanks for the inspiration on this topic.. love to see others' build areas :biggthumpup:
Here's where most of the building happens. Right side: usually do the assemblies and all that closer to the right side. The screw drawers are there, and the parts wall on the right, and there's a bunch of power outlets there and the air compressor also. Under the center and right benches is a shelf for all the rigs to sleep; at least the rigs that I don't mind my 2.5 year old son sitting on. :D


Since this pic below, it's been cleaned and organized, but on the left is the empty beer bottle storage :nod: and the computer bench with printer etc for shipping, the clean stuff stays in the little closet there, which has the charging station on top of it. Over on the left I also stick all the portable tool boxes for 'going out' with the rigs, and the basic 'don't know where to put this' stuff gets jammed over there up top or in the corners. Also have the parts boxes there so I can say I'm organized.


The other side of the room (not shown) is the same but half the counter space, a double sink, beer fridge under, and double high shelving.
Best news about this is I got all the counters and the white paint for $20 as left overs from a cabinet shop!! and I bought the rough lumber and screws for $80. Carpeting came from someone's house for free, sink was free, and so was the couch (forgot to mention that) and the Foose table. Have to have the foose table, just in case the smack talk in the shop gets so bad you have to settle it right then :haha:


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Here's an update on this place. Some of this setup is Aaron's fault (local guy with rc).

I had to decide to give up garage parking for this shop, but considering this place came with a heated and A/C in the garage, it was not much of a sacrifice to get a year round space... plus it's a great play room for the kids. I got lucky with this house.
This is the computer/paperwork space. Shared by some small parts bins and the stereo stuff.

This is the work area.. building, stacking junk, charging station on the left, storage and vehicles underneath.

Parts storage wall. I'm trying to be organized this year... might work, if I could find where I put stuff.

Messy corner #1. Welding and cutting small stuff, bolts and vises for small stuff, some painting/power tools here someplace also.

Messy corner #2. This is the finger and knuckle wrecking corner. Grinders, vise, and press. If you get hurt, it's usually in this corner.

General storing junk area. It looks like a heap of crap most of the time, and somewhere in here is my rc snowmobile I started to build around 4 years ago.. . yah. Should find that some time before the snow flies....

The center of the room get's tons of changes every month. Right now it's around 7 lines of rock crawling, going up the wall and other counter and all sorts of neat stuff in the center pile of stuff. Some times this space is covered with 6 truck builds at once, but that's slow now, so It's a nice crawl spot out of the rain. Wifey don't like rocks in the play room. ::)

If you ask Aaron, I don't think he's ever seen it this clean! hahaha


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well, it's been over a year, so ......

that bench with the beer bottle storage on top turned into this around last spring:


And today it got a complete rebuild. This will be the 4th crawl course that was built with rocks in this place. There was one first that was completely wood and had a see-saw bridge and everything!, but it's long gone.

So.... Here's the teardown and rebuild of this course.
"what lies beneath!" Rocks off.


There was a dodge Ram worth of rocks piled on that structure. And some of them are the size of a lawn mower :bugeyes: which Aaron brought in the day he nearly broke my leg (there's a story there haha)


With all the structure gone and some improved felts in the background, we get this nice open spot:


And now............


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Here's the now 'on the ground' course, with a cute wall and all. It's actually great for the scalers and the smaller trucks, and the XR10 gets some super crazy flex going on with some of the changes in elevation.



These pictures don't really do any good at showing off the rocks and the work it takes to get around it, but it's working nicely so far!

And a cool one to top it off...



wow cool shop there Chris and play area....I have to ask where is the CNC machine....LOL


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Thanks, the CNC stuff is down town, this is my own personal playtime spot. Plus the cnc machine oil doesn't go well with the finished products, so that stays here also. There's been many more changes in this place since last year, and I should do some more pics of the other stuff. I'm moving my little combo mill into this place in a few weeks so I'll work on the full update after that. For now i still have that silly Tbird in there, and it's getting in the way :laugh:


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Wow, so that was the 5th rock setup, or 6th, I can't count.... and all that was torn out about 3 weeks ago. It lasted the whole summer in there! hahah!
Well, now there's an almost complete re-arrangement of the whole south wall of the building, so the build bench stayed, and the parts wall, but just about every thing else was dismantled and redone.
In the process, I had a cool idea to re-do some more of a 'trail' spot. Something that would be less crawl, and more trail-truck. I also wanted it guided and something that I could stretch the truck's abilities with, and my own driving... and maybe the driving of visitors also (except for Aaron's dang Honcho-go-anywhere :p6639707: )

Here's a little video showing you around the newest pile of indoor madness at the shipping and build bench end of things! Happy Trails!

>>>>Video linky is right here<<<<<<


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Wow that is some shop/course you have set up there!! Would love to have even the build bench!! Anyhow enjoy and test those trucks and yourself!


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WOW, I can't believe how much the shop has changed since this thread was started!! I need to update this whole thing!

I got inspired to update due to my new 'Headquake inspired' paint booth thingy I built! Yay!

Well, out in the back corner of the shop under some storage shelves I stuffed this 'messy area' where I have a drill press, a mill/combo, a MIG welder, small saw, and no carpet (the rest of the whole shop is carpet haha). I don't use this much, but it's a handy hole to have sometimes.


So, I decided to unload the storage shelf above this area and make it into a paint booth! Yay! So happy to finally have a dedicated area for paint. If I step on a 2 step thingy, it's the perfect height to paint and see everything, and it's UP instead of taking more real estate on the floor.


The building is quite tall inside, and there was this old stove chimney way at the back above the 'dirty hole' and storage shelves, so I piped into that chimney for a vent hole. It's a 7 inch hole to the outside! Great venting!


To power out the fumes, I went to the hardware store and got a summer fan for a room.. like a desk fan. 8 inch size.
Then I chopped out the front 'fins' and made it all open inside, and chopped off the base and stuff and it actually just plugs the hole at the bottom of the 7 inch pipe.. it's a perfect fit, like it was made to be!


The pipes themselves are held to the roof chimney with screws and sealed with tape, and then the fan slides UP the bottom pipe, and then there's a styrene sheet-ring I made to go around the base of the fan to hold it to the pipe. There's a velcro strap there to hold the ring together. Under the ring is the hole into the actual paint booth, so it vents directly on TOP of the front wall of the booth.
I like this setup for a couple of reasons. One is that when painting in the booth I'm always spraying toward the back, but then the spray mist always seems to spin around back onto me, even though the fan is at the back where I'm spraying. This actually works better than the old way I was making a booth, because the fan sucks hard, and it's sucking air right in front of ME, so when the spray comes around it goes right up the fan! I'm really happy with this accidental setup! haha!