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I have been out of RC for the past few years and just got the itch to build again. I picked up a Axial Scale Builders Kit just recently and a few New Bright JK bodies. I noticed that the Cross Canyon chassis have been discontinued so what is the chassis to get now? I would like to keep the full interior and may be doing some body modifications that will extend the body just a bit. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Deryck


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Hi! You're in the right place for info and builds, that's for sure!
Great re-start with the Axial SBK. That's a real nice place to start for sure.
The JK body you have.. is it the 2dr version? The 4dr version should fit pretty well actually on the SBK right from the go.. maybe with the exception of the rear shock towers, but there's ways around that also.
If you do use the SBK and frame in the 4dr Jeep, you may want to make some interior space for that using this kit here: http://gcmracing.ca/viewitem.php?productid=437 Which will send your motor up front using a scale transmission and new transfer case.. the goal of course is to get your interior space cleared out by moving the drivetrain parts up front.
Certainly the SBK does allow many options for wheelbase, or wheelbase changes made easily.. There's many people who've done this combo JK on the SCX chassis, so there should be a bunch of builds here with that setup already.
If you're convinced on a chassis change, then all we can offer at this time for that wheelbase is going to be our CMAX chassis, which also includes the same transmission and Tcase setup for the drivetrain: http://gcmracing.ca/viewitem.php?productid=337
This is a 4-coil chassis which we can also supply axle housings for at our Shapeways store here:
Rear: https://www.shapeways.com/product/7...le-rear-coil?optionId=64693568&li=marketplace
Front: https://www.shapeways.com/product/F...nt-left-coil?optionId=63453526&li=marketplace
Diff Covers for the 44: https://www.shapeways.com/product/V...4-axle-cover?optionId=63453449&li=marketplace
Internal Gear etc kits: http://gcmracing.ca/viewitem.php?productid=381
Thanks for the note! Happy building!

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Thanks for the information. I still have a Cross Canyon chassis in plastic and hopefully my cousin didn't toss it out ::pray I will check out the items that you suggested.