GCM Homebuilt 1/6 Razor


Maybe take up knitting.
Well, after seeing how stinking tough the CC2 Brute was, I decided I needed something to tow behind my (shhhh.. secret) F350SD 1/6 build, so I took the very beaten JK brute off the CrossCanyon frame stuff and made up a new Razor homebuilt from scraps of everything I could find! Sort of feel like HeadQuake building his F150 from stuff he already had.
First step... teardown... well really it took 1 minute, because there's 6 bolts that hold on the entire JK Brute outer cage, bumpers, and entire body, and one plug for lights. After it came off, the project still runs, drives, and everything, it's simply cosmetics that came off.


Next was to start with the same bolt on type of stuff, so I went after the old FlameRanch F250 front bumper that had the winch on it already. Very simple. Bolted it on, and started laying tube work. Added 2 new rear bolt on brackets, and the perimeter cage was done and comes off with the same 6 bolts. Yeah! Getting a new motor at the same time. I ripped a chunk off the comm of the last one :laugh:





Maybe take up knitting.
Next was to lay in a solid floor. I wanted the entire bolt on cage to be removable with nothing more than bolts and plugs, so the floor had to be steel and welded in completely. This turned out to be REALLY easy using a dollar store baking tray! haha! I cut the basic outline oversize, then pressed it down around the frame rails and over the sides, and up the back of the body, and then welded it all over the place to the side tubes and inner tube sections, but nothing is secured to the actual frame rails, so it still comes off in no time. Nice. The thing gets you full scale interior protection and a mega low setup with lots of ground clearance still. And I didn't change anything on this setup from the brute, so it has to work.



After some paint, you can see what I mean about coverage. Should work like a charm!


I had some dead and abused SC truck bodies around from last year's racing, and thanks to the wiiiiide front ends on these, I could chop off the fenders and still get a decent hood! THis is the fitment with some M4 nuts welded to the window pillars in order to attach it. Some 1/4-20 round head bolts and nuts under the lexan make the center hood holes filled, and also doesn't look as bad as an old hole in the hood.
Got a nice hoop over the winch also, as well as the top rack/cage and all the bracing needed in the rear. Really shows the size of the interior hole now, and that's a 2.2 rim on there with a 4.5 inch tire, so this thing is large! Actually around 1/6 scale or so I'd say. It should look perfect behind my 10.5 inch wide F350SD haha!



Maybe take up knitting.
So here it is, all running (didn't do anything, it all stayed the same) and stickered up, and with my new HeyOK lighting kit that's all plug and go out of the electronics box in the back. There's 4 front lights up on the top bar, and there's 2 reverse, as well as rear park and brakes, all automated! This is so easy! The only thing I have to put in is the dash and seats and pedals, that's it. The rest is done.... Although I just might try some skinny tires on it to make that scale Razor look a bit more real. But it's a homebuilt after all :laugh:








That's a cool little fast build.I really likehow simple that is.


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Wow man, that looks awesome. Great idea. Love the scale of it. I'm glad you made it tall like that. Looks like one of those old Honda buggys. A big driver would look great in there to keep the small buggy look. So cool Chris.

So the Brute can still exist too with just a quick swap? Nice. :biggthumpup:


Awe, it's so cute :laugh: That's pretty cool, and unique. Good job on it :biggthumpup:


I didn't know what the heck you were building until I saw the pic with the hood and cage - good job, and quick. I agree about the narrow tire thing, it would make it look more realistic.


Very unique idea. That's the coolest cookie sheet I have ever laid eyes on, ha ha ha. Gotta love sourcing parts from the dollar store and ending up with such a cool rig.


Maybe take up knitting.
The Finale! Got the interior done and beat on it for a while. YAY!!!

The rear is an old carbon printed body part I had, then drilled for the HeyOK lights, and an old CC license, we are required to license ATVs in Ontario :laugh: Might as well be a Mudder! haha!


I just realized from this pic that the side of the battery is still open and visible.... have to fix that. The rest is nicely hidden and protected from the elements also. Just loving this thing!!



This shows you the lighting on the top bar (see the fuzzy dice!) as well as the cooler full of stuff in the middle, the thermos, can't really see the blanket stuffed under the passenger seat, but it's in there. The dash turned out to be styrene, gauge cluster and radio/cd player are from a TJ dash, and the shifter are from Axial parts tree, steel steering column and Axial parts tree steering wheel. Got to get some nice gauge pics for the cluster. Perfect size also! Always too large for the small trucks. NIce. I'll get some paint and do up the gun and gun rack for behind the seats also. Did the drivers pedals using old flat mirrors I found and some lexan. The seats are bent 1.2mm lexan painted with padding strips glued on.



Interestingly enough, I like to weigh and compare all my trucks, I'm weird that way.. The JK Brute that this running gear shares exactly was 3650grams, and this thing I thought was lighter, because it drives much lighter.. more commanding on sidehills etc, but in fact it's another half pound or 200 grams heavier than the brute bodied equivalent. Very neat considering I like the balance and driving of the thing better with the Razor cage!

Happy crawling! I'll be beating on this wheelie pulling monster all summer!


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Buddy, what a great little rig! A really fun idea...ya gotta get a drive in place and some steering