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GCM is a 3d Design and Prototype CNC machining shop that has a long standing interest in RC related parts. We also have a line of products all our own and sell through our WEBSHOP.
GCMRacing will only sell GCM products that have been tested and proven to not only work, but work better, perform well, and last a long time. Because we do our own design work in house or design with skilled RC designers around the world, we can make adjustments to products and manufacturing BEFORE it lands in the hands of the customer. Each of our products are carefully checked for quality, fit, finish, and precision. Each one. Every order. When you receive a package of GCMRacing parts you can be assured every item in the package was checked by a real live RC lover like yourself.
GCM operates in Ontario Canada and works general day working hours at the shop, eastern time zone. We welcome e-mail and phone calls during eastern time zone DAY hours, and e-mail only inquiries any other time. Most mailings will be answered same day, but occasionally there's a day or two wait depending on volume of inquiries.
We accept mailings shown here at OUR CONTACT PAGE as well as phone and e-mail as listed there.
The GCMRacing WEBSHOP is available 24hrs a day, and all year around. Each order can be placed there and your shopping cart clearly indicates all shipping charges as you will be billed. The shopping cart determines your location and shows shipping to you for the items in the cart. There will never be any additional charges over what you see on the cart.
If you see parts listed as 'Pre-Order' in the GCMRacing WEBSHOP, that has meaning. At GCMRacing, a 'Pre-Order' listing means the item(s) are currently in production or finishing, and will be back in stock in less than a week. Pre-Order items that are put in the cart will be shipped out when the items are finished production, usually less than a week. In some cases with multi-part kits, usually it's only one part that is in production, the rest is in stock. We try to keep ahead, but sometimes we don't have stock, and anything that's not in production already will be labelled 'out of stock' and not available for purchase until scheduled again.
To date, we have had a perfect shipping record, using Canada Post, EMS international, USPS and occasionally FedEx shipping, and depending on the order, you may or may not be able to track the package remotely. We can always give you shipping updates from here when you need some more information. We ship worldwide all the time.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call GCM and we can give help for just about any question or setup hints.
Happy RC-ing, and if we can help, drop us a note!
Thanks to all our customers,
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