GCM XR10 Double Double


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Well, here's the non-scaler in the house:


This truck was originally built and painted by JasonC (and a very nice job, I might add) and came to the GCM shop about a month ago. It immediately got us all distracted from other things due to it's completely incredible design and layout. Nice. Plus this is the first MOA in the shop. Ever.
We started the go-go stuff using a PAIR of Tekin FX-R 55t combo kits. These are super programmable and have tons of go and tons of slow.. which is just nice! A 13t pinion went on each motor with locktite put INTO the hole before the setscrew was put down. Makes a long lasting lock. Motor went in, nice mesh, add some white grease for it to work around.



The tires were well done by JC, but with the included front weight rings and the odd sort of foams that came with the RocX JConcepts tires, something drastic had to be done. For one set of these, I installed a full set of star cut memory foams from ProLine. That works real well on the scalers. But, for this I wanted to use the tighter foams..... so......


After cutting the foams round again using the bandsaw/beerbottle trick from Aaron :laugh: And taking a full half or 3/4 inch from the OD of the foam, these work PERFECT. This was the best gamble I've ever taken, and now that it's running, I can say this is an incredible foam setup for the RocX.


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The motors were wired with the supplied wiring down the upper arms and to the ESC of that side. The supplied wires were just the right length to make this work well, and it is a nice clean install.


With the ESC stuck to the outside of the chassis plate, it's real easy to program, watch the temp lights, and do the radio setups. I actually like them out here on this rig. It's still clean but the esc is not really exposed like you might think. (see body stuff below)


With one ESC on each side, and the desire to run one battery, I just passed a set of wires from one input contact set to the other, shown at the top of this pic. You can also see here how the wires tucked in nicely and I secured them with my favorite wire tool: hotglue. Leaves no mess, comes off, and won't damage anything, but works while it's there. Love the stuff. This open cavity I need to keep clean and free for the long batteries I like to use.



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The battery bay actually mounts from the front for my setup. That long hole you see from the front here is the battery hole, and I'm going to fill it. But how?! There's no door, no tray, nothing, so how to get the battery in the dang hole?!


Well, that's simple. The only thing in the way of this great battery bay is the front arms, so let's make them come off! Yeah! Here's a SIMPLE trick for the XR10. Remove the nut on the top arm mount and replace it with a little hole in the screw. Then add some grab-wire to a small clip, and bingo! A battery tray door (sort of thingy). Pull the pin, slide out the screw, and push away the upper links for a massive battery door. Nice.


I have several of these 3s 2200 20c batteries around for the planes. I like these alot, they are 190grams, and have lots of kick and long life. It also completely plugs this battery bay. I like the 3mm xt60 connectors also, so I made up this little deans adapter for the Male Deans on the Tekins. This way if I'm out somewhere with a dead battery I can stick in anything else and keep rippin'.


With the battery installed and the long battery leads swung around the radio box like this, the whole thing is nicely incased in the chassis, and it's very clean. Me Like.



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The entire rig in running condition with tire weights up front comes in at 2651 grams, which has to be the single lightest rig I've ever used on this course. And I like light rigs. But no bother at all, it crawls like a spider! Nice!


Here's a couple of shots on the indoor course. The crawler is solid. I meal locked down and going anywhere. It will wheelie on the carpet and yet crawls at a snail pace. Can't say enough about the dual tekin combos (can say I don't like the price, but....)




For a little tip and tech, I made up a video to show off the trick Radio Mixing I'm doing for this dual ESC setup. Please have a look and make up any old comment you wish. I'm not convinced that I will comp well with the dual stick, but like anything, I'll get used to it. For now, it's the slickest dang thing since melted butter! Have a look!

>>> XR10 Dual ESC Radio Mixing Video Link <<<

You might also notice that the sides of the body are bent in a bit. I like to do this trick also. It keeps flying stuff from getting up into my ESC and battery area, as well as raising the sides to clear rocks and junk you are climbing over. A straight bend is all you need to make it look right and it works well for it's intended purpose. And almost entirely covers the Tekins.


So slick!!! I want one of these bad boys. Any GCM goodies planned for it?


Awesome setup Chris! Seeing this makes me want to pick another one up and build it up completely!
I was figuring the foams would have just filled out from looking weird. You should haave seen them when they first came out of the packaging!
Are you liking the tires? It was my only choice at time of purchase, but they were on the demo rig at Hobby Alley so I figured they couldn't hurt.


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The tires are my favorites, I bought 2 other sets since this, and really loooove them! Yes, the foams from the bag were terrible! After some cutting experiments I'm very happy with them! Great job building!


nice setup just got my self one and try to figure out the batterey setup but you have helped me lots with that love the look of them


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Great rig Chris...nice mod ideas and the video explanations go a long way. Very cool you put those together


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Such great info in the radio setup video! I might have to get a setup like that. Any video of it crawling?


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Camera tonight baby!

So after burning a half hour on it this aft, It's clear that the bec in the FX-R is not going to cut it. When I stall the steering servo (which happens alot with these spidy-sticky tires, dang amazing) then the RX goes on the blitz from lack of volts. I cured that with a Castle Bec 10 amps running at 6 volts. Done forever.
The FX-r's have this cool thing where when it's at idle, the lights on the front bar show the esc temp internally. It was running at 4 or 5 bars out of 6. With the bec now moved to the Castle outsider, the heat is running at 2/6 on the front esc and 1/6 on the rear, which means everything is perfect.
I was thinking that the 55t combos with the little 13t would not have enough speed for me, but .... haha When it goes on the lid, you just give a quick reverse/forward hit, and the thing rocks on the lid, and the front tires grab the ground, and it just reverse-wheelies itself back on the wheels ! :blink::laugh: It's the ultimate turtle move, and a no-hands point recovery! haha! Love it! With the 3s lipo and around 60 amps available all day from the battery, it's got TONS of snap and lots of smooth. I'm becoming a decent driver with it also. Kind of cool!
So add the Castle 10 amp bec to the parts list on this one.


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Forgot to mention this: I also chopped off the servo horn holes. I'm using the GHracing 01178 aluminum hitec horn with the 2 machined holes on the end of the horn. That turned out to be too much throw for the steering, so I chopped off those 2 holes, and then made one new threaded hole closer to the servo center. This get's the servo at full throw and the steering knuckles at full throw, which is better for torque. Very happy.
Also note: the tire number that's on this rig is 3015-02 Jconcepts RocX 2.2.


Any more updates on this Chris? I am interested in how my old machine is doing.


Awesome rig and thanks for so much setup info.
I'm gonna be referring back to this thread soon. My new XR10 is ordered and on it's way express post. Going the cheap route to get it going first. hpi stock 55t motors out of a pair of crawler kings (stop laughing at me). Rooster Crawler ESC. Crawlerpawl and I will work out the servo when the time comes. I ask that you restrain your laughter again for a moment, Stock HPI wheels and tires, weighted with star cut foams.
You may notice that I'm just robbing all the stuff off my Crawler King to get this running then the improvements will come bit by bit.
Jason & Chris will probably be getting some PM's from me for advice on set up. I'm so eager and this thread is really getting me worked up.