Go Big or Go Home!! CXT - Off Road Service Truck.


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Such a cool build. I picked up a few sets of those 3D printed handles. Looks like a good add to my scale parts bin.



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While the USPS is holding up a number of items I need, I figured I'd deal with the final color / graphics scheme on the CXT race/chase rig. Using a Parma checker board mask kit (PITA!!) I added the effects on the box. Through in a few decals, made an aluminum front bumper, added 34 various LED's, added the shelves in the cabinets and added some #rc4wd diamond plate. Placed a few #tanwoodworks resin accessories on it, (6) RC4WD Baja Designs Squadron floods on the box. Def need to add a stiffer set of springs / shocks F&R and stiffer rear foams next!!! Now on to electronics if/when they get delivered!!! NOTE: Be very careful painting a New Bright "toy" as these are usually painted with enamel. I took care to scuff and use a primer sealer, let dry and still had lifting in spots. Dry-ish coats are key to avoid lifting when painting these IMO. #scalemetalsupplies #cxt #newbright #leagueofscratchbuilders #scalebuildersguild IMG_8654.jpgIMG_8636.jpgIMG_8639.jpgIMG_8653.jpgIMG_8647.jpgIMG_8651.jpgIMG_8632.jpgIMG_8604.jpgIMG_8649.jpgIMG_8645.jpg


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Finally got the 1/6 scale CXT Pre-runner chase truck out side after 4 months of sitting! Now the slipper needs adjustment. Video later! #tanwoodworks #scalemetalsupplies #knkhardware #nankinhobbiesIMG_9655.jpgIMG_9644.jpgIMG_9659.jpgIMG_9650.jpgIMG_9668.jpgIMG_9649.jpgIMG_9648.jpgIMG_9664.jpg


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It moves, it's very large, it's also very heavy, it actually handled well. Will post a vid link later. Little outside time.


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Mr Beanos

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What an impressive job on this beautiful Newbright body Scott !!!

And what a great result! ! :love: :love:

Lots of cool details, great work on the chassis.... I'm speechless :luv::luv: