Good platforms for rally?

Headquake the H.O.P.
Yeah, its like i was saying about the width of the Traxxas 4x4. The WB may be good for putting a Kyosho DRX body on it, but the wheels would stick out the side. Too bad, cause as much as i love real looking cars, the Traxxas one probably has a tougher driveline than the kyosho. Plus the parts will be available at most hobby shops.

That body is just awful. :nonono:


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Traxxas stuff is durable but I've been running my DRX for two months now without a problem.

I'm not running on a groomed track, it's courses set up through the woods, pretty abusive.

I took it easy at first because it was brought to my attention that all 3 diffs only had one set of spider gears from the factory for some reason (probably cost). So I ordered and installed extra gears with diff fluid of choice (7-3-5) and have been running it with 2s and 3s since with no problems.

I've been impressed with how tough the Kyosho has been.


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^ That sounds refreshing. The frailty of my Lazer totally put me off of Kyosho.. :paranoid:

I agree that the Traxxas looks like a good chassis but that body is phew..